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Jim Ross Blog: Tim Tebow Being a Good Fit for WWE, Competition Amongst Talents and More

Jim Ross has published a new blog entry at Here are some highlights:

– Yes, it was the old promoter in me that suggested that Tim Tebow would be able to earn his keep quickly if he ever came to WWE if for nothing else a one off PPV shot. Think of the outside the box publicity that Tebow would garner if he were to ever step in a WWE ring as a performer which is, granted, a long shot at best.

– Competition amongst talents is healthy. No one should be ‘grandfathered in’ as it relates to being a main eventer but should be required to earn it in an ongoing basis. At least, that’s my opinion. We had great locker room competition among the talents during the Attitude Era because the roster was so deep with experienced, main event level talents who all wanted a taste of the big money.

No one rested on their laurels. The advantage then over now is that WWE had more top hands who could carry a main event than they currently do. The good news in that assessment is that the roster today is getting younger and I can see very soon down the road where the competition component is going to return in earnest because everyone can’t go on last and everyone can’t earn the top money on a given show.

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  • Pewp

    Meritocracy: There are 20 dollars. Jack has 19 dollars. Question. How many crumbs are left for everyone else to compete over?

    You don’t want an internal “zero-sum game” because it would bring out the worst instead of the best.