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Jim Ross Blog: The Undertaker & Rock’s Return, Big E Langston and More

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has published a new blog at Here are some highlights.

Undertaker’s return: “Many are asking about the return of the Undertaker as mentioned by HHH Monday Night on Raw. ‘Not seeing the last of the Deadman’ can mean a variety of things, one can assume. In my perfect world it would be Taker vs _________ at WrestleMania 29 where ‘The Streak’ would extend to 21-0. For some Twitter followers who are seemingly hell bent on Taker losing at WrestleMania, I’d be reluctant for them to handle my taxes. It makes zero sense for ‘The Streak’ to ever die, in my humble opinion.”

What The Rock’s impending return will mean for the locker room: “Lots of @TheRock talk online as ‘The Great One’ prepares to return for some limited engagements in @WWE in 2013. Love the manure that some keyboard warriors, who have spent so much time in a WWE locker room, spread that Rock’s return will polarize the locker room. That’s embarrassingly ignorant in my personal opinion. The more eyeballs turned in to any WWE show the better. These Rock, TV bookings are when everyone who appears on a TV show should truly maximize their minutes. Plus, @TheRock will bring more money to the table at PPV’s of which all the talents share to some degree.”

Big E Langston: “The addition to Big E Langston is significant, especially, for @HeelZiggler notwithstanding @WWEAJLee. I’ve seen a lot of Big E in NXT and he’s a physical beast with uncanny natural strength and surprising agility for a 280 pounder. ‘E’ is no Clydesdale and his football background has enhanced Langston’s athleticism. Aside from @TheMarkHenry, Langston is likely the strongest man on any WWE roster. As I have said here on multiple times, I’d suggest that you keep an eye on Big E Langston whose upside is significant. But, as always, ‘Potential will only buy the groceries for so long.'”

  • Tombstone

    ^^^^^^^ Damn! You repeat this same stupid shit over and over and over.

  • yofitz

    Predicted match WM29 Card

    Ryback vs ”Ryblack” Big E Langston
    in a cake eating contest

  • Step Brothers

    WWE was a lot better when JR had more input

  • JohnCena33

    Predicted WM31 Card
    CM Punk vs Dean Ambrose
    Rollins vs Ziggler for WHC
    Roman Reigns vs John Cena for WWE Title
    Barrett vs Sheamus
    The Miz vs Seth Rollins
    Ryback vs Big E Langston
    Rhodes vs Morrison

  • JohnCena33

    Predicted WM30 Card
    Edge vs Christian
    Stone Cold vs Punk
    J. Hardy vs Cena for WWE title
    Ziggler vs Bryan for WHC
    Ryback vs Lesnar
    Rock vs Taker Streak vs Career
    HHH vs HBK
    Dean Ambrose vs Cody Rhodes for ICC

  • JohnCena33

    Predicted WM29 Card
    Mysterio vs Cara
    HHH vs Lesnar
    Cena vs Taker
    Punk vs Rock 2
    Ziggler vs Sheamus vs Orton
    MITB – Kingston vs Christian vs Cesaro vs Rhodes vs Sandow vs Bryan vs Kane vs Del Rio
    The Shield vs Ryback

  • JohnCena33

    Taker and Rock back are great for WWE. It will boost ratings and PPV buy rates. Hopefully the streak lives on to 21-0 like JR said, but personally I would like to see Taker vs Lesnar at WM29 and the Rock vs Punk in a rematch at WM29. But there are so many possibilities WWE could go with…
    Punk vs Taker, Punk vs Lesnar, Lesnar vs Rock, Rock vs Cena 2, or maybe the biggest of them all.. Rock vs Taker (which I hope is saved for WM30).
    Either way WM29 will be awesome and will set PPV buy rate records.