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Jim Ross Blog: Ziggler’s Future, CM Punk as WWE Champion, 1000th Episode of WWE Raw

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross is back with another blog looking back at Sunday’s No Way Out pay-per-view, here are some highlights:

Dolph Ziggler’s future: Ziggler is going to have a stellar year in 2012. The former amateur standout seemingly does something in every match that grabs my attention. Dolph reminds me of many greats of the game including Pat Patterson, Curt Hennig, and Billy Gunn. Fans that have no patience with where Ziggler currently stands in the ‘pecking order’ at least in those fan’s eyes need to exhale and simply enjoy Ziggler’s performances and continue to watch him evolve.

Dolph Ziggler could easily be WWE Champion or World’s Champion by WM29. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

The WWE Championship match: For my PPV dollars, the match of the night was the WWE Title bout featuring Champion CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, and Kane with a timely cameo by AJ. I felt like everyone involved in the process came to play and delivered big time. The veteran Kane’s outing was special considering this is another in a long line of PPV bouts for the Big Red Machine who moved around like a young kid.

CM Punk as WWE Champion: Punk’s tenure as WWE Champion is making the coveted WWE Title more meaningful and it’s obvious that Punk’s popularity is growing. I’m a big fan of CM Punk and feel that he’ ranks with the most compelling WWE Champions in recent memory. Punk is smart, physical and durable which are all traits that are invaluable to WWE on many fronts.

Daniel Bryan being perceived as “too small”: Daniel Bryan is a joy to watch wrestle. People who think Bryan is ‘too small’ likely haven’t had their ass kicked in real combat and especially had it kicked by a smaller person. I can easily see Daniel Bryan becoming one of WWE’s most popular superstars simply because the fans seemingly are beginning to demand it.

His WWE status: Yes, I’m still working for WWE and consulting in the Talent Development Department and loving it. I’ll be with the NXT crew in Orlando again on Thursday July 12. This responsibility is supremely important to the future of WWE plus it keeps me off the road 51 weeks a year. I’m also going to be doing some scouting for potential, new talents.

Will JR be in St. Louis for RAW 1000? I hope so but that’s yet to be confirmed. I’m proud of my contributions to the program over the years that started for me in 1994. Favorite match from those very early days….Bret Hart vs. 1-2-3 Kid. Great stuff and one that many of today’s wannabe wrestlers and many that are on existing talent rosters can learn a great deal.

  • “Bad Man” Bigelow

    @ Devil_Rising

    Very well said. In a somewhat strange analogy, I feel that Punk having to deal with Cena main eventing is similar to Bret and Hogan in 93. I mean WM IX was just ridiculous. While that was only one PPV, who knows what would have happened if Hogan had stayed with WWE.

    I can’t imagine what would have happened to Bret and the WWE if Hogan hadn’t left in 93. If for some reason they decided to keep the title on Bret with Hogan still around, the spotlight would probably still be on Hogan like it is Cena, and Bret/Punk would be carrying the workload while Hogan/Cena get the main event spotlight. I am not suggesting that Cena was anything like Hogan, I am sure it’s all WWE keeping Cena in the main event.

    I am not sure exactly why WWE won’t give Punk the ball to run with. His merchandise sales are great, his in-ring work is among the best in the world today, and he’s great on the mic. I guess it’s because he’s probably not a fan favorite with children nor a typical “star of the company”.

    In which case, that’s where they could still let Cena have his feuds with Show/Laurinitus/Kane/whomever else, but have them UNDER the Main Event which should be reserved for Punk and the WWE/World Championships.

    The kids loved Hogan, the kids loved Bret, the kids love Cena, yet they cannot relate to nor get behind Punk. If Punk started appealing to the kids though, we’d all hate it. I say give Punk a chance as the #1 guy, and see how far he can go. His title reign has been very good. It’s a good start, but he hasn’t main evented since TLC where Cena was off the card, and Cena has main evented like 12 of the last 13 PPV’s excluding the Rumble and TLC.

  • “Bad Man” Bigelow

    I just watched Bret Hart Vs. 123 Kid on Youtube. Such a great match, I wonder why they never pushed Waltman more during the mid 90’s.

    Also, listening to Savage on commentary, it’s really uncanny how much Booker tries to emulate him. The only difference is Savage was both entertaining and good.

  • Jimbotron


    What? You didn’t know about the 11th Commandment?

    “Thou shalt not have a PPV without Cena in the main event!”

    It is deemed so by the God of Everything, Vince McMahon.

  • Devil_Rising

    I feel he is and isn’t right about CM Punk and the Championship. On the one hand, yes, Punk himself merely holding it elevates the title based on how good he is. And how long he’s held it makes it seem important.

    However, it also makes the title and Punk look insignificant, when they NEVER main event. Hardly ever, at least. Not Raw, not PPVs, nothing. He hasn’t main evented anything meaningful in months. How is THAT treating him like a champ, or treating the WWE Championship like it means anything?

    I’m sorry, but Cena has been main eventing EVERY PPV, with meaningless match after meaningless match. This idea that “Well, Cena is the WWE’s biggest star, so he should main event”, is ridiculous. How do they expect their “roster to get deeper”, if they don’t even treat the championships like they mean anything when someone like Cena or Orton doesn’t hold them?

    It’s just fucking bullshit, if you ask me. ONE of the world titles should main event any and every PPV. Period. You can have marquee matches. But the CHAMPIONSHIP should be the main event, thus making it seem important. And there’s a growing trend in WWE not to even do that. They’re devaluing their own belts, and that is just sad. Indicative of the times, really.

    How are fans supposed to care about the belts, and the newer stars who hold them, if WWE obviously doesn’t?

  • straight-edge

    i like your story jim i hope its true

  • Lil Jimmy G

    It wont be the 1000th episode with out good old JR