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- Jim Ross took to Twitter this afternoon to comment on last night’s RAW where Michael Cole took a jab at him, John Cena’s promo on The Rock and more. Here’s what he said:

“I thought Cena’s response to Rock was one of the best Cena promos in ages. Really enjoyed it.

I was very uncomfortable with Cole invoking Jerry’s late mom into Cole’s presentation. He didn’t have to go there.

Getting ‘knocked’ by the Raw annoucners monday night was like a junior high kid knocking the varsity. It doesn’t matter.

Cole is like a yapping dog. One just tunes it out. Thought the ‘Presidents/THQ’ line was funny…not original but funny.”

  • BuckieKid

    well lawler must have gave cole the go-ahead for what he said remember there building up a feud here

  • Adrian

    Wow, props to lawler for agreeing to go along with that…How the hell could you agree to someone saying that so soon after your mom passes away?…Weird.

  • 6burgh

    no doubt that lawler agree to do this. if anybody thinks cole came up with this on the spot u dont know wrestling. Vince asked lawler or lawler said this could draw more heat.

  • Jeff

    as if cole had anything to say about what his on screen character is saying and honestly, i think lawler agreed to it beforehand.

  • bloodstone

    maybe wwe and tna will learn when they have a wrestler that’s not playing with full deck comes to the ring pulls a gun out of his trunks and pops off a few into somebodys skull it’s a crazy ass world anymore i think it’s best to leave the real life drama at the door

  • jim

    uhhhhhhhhhh JR.cole did have to go there.because that guy in his ear..you know the guy whos behind you kiss vince told him too.well approved it.

  • CC

    @6burgh. I havent heard a single comment other than negative ones over the whole dead mother thing. Even WWE fans dont like it, just as a lot of TNA fans dont like the Jarrett/Angle story.

    I agree with JR on all these issues except one, but that may because I am wrong, but I thought the original comment about the presidents & JR was made by Josh and unoriginally, Cole followed it up with a comment about Lawler wrestling them.

  • CM Mark

    Well said as usual JR.

  • Rucdogg

    Cena still sucks, but his promo had me laughing, and Im the biggest Rock fan around. Cena is better as a heel, always was, too bad its not gonna happen.

  • In Grind We Crust

    I’m as unPC as the next person but Cole’s promo was over the fucking line.

  • 6burgh

    good promo from cena…he still sucks.
    tna gets ripped for the jarrett/kurt angle being to personal. wonder how iwc will think the same way with cole/jerry storyline.

  • Rich

    i always agree with everything that jim ross says cuz the guy is so wise..i dont think cole should have went there but it also makes the feud that much more personal…also all u cena haters out there can go suck yourself cuz cena’s promo was pretty good

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