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– Jim Ross was asked on Twitter if “Stone Cold” Steve Austin vs. CM Punk was likely to happen anytime soon. Ross replied, “Soon, no. someday, maybe.”

– WWE added an article looking at the 50 best “good guys” in wrestling. Here is the top 10:

1) Bruno Sammartino
2) Hulk Hogan
3) Steve Austin
4) John Cena
5) Sting
6) Bret Hart
7) Dusty Rhodes
8) The Rock
9) Ricky Steamboat
10) Rey Mysterio

– As noted earlier, The Rock has signed on to play the lead role in a new movie “Lore.” Lore is described as a “as a “hybrid of traditional narrative and graphic novel” and will be directed by Barry Sonnenfeld. The Rock recently commented on the new movie on Twitter.

“Just connected w/ the great Barry Sonnenfeld. We & Warner Bros’ promise you a helluva ride. #LORE”

  • Tombstone

    My guess is that the zombie guy must be about 8yrs old.

  • CiB

    Well, given Brumo Samartino and WWE’s relationship, combined with the policy in WWE where only previous talent that are currently on good terms with the company get any credit or recognition, him being top is very interesting.

  • Zombie Plague

    LOL that was me whinnning. Tombstone you need to eat some brains .

  • Zombie Plague

    wahhh wahhhh Why aint punk on the list wahhh wahhh

  • Tombstone

    Another list for the IWC to bitch and moan about. Dont like it? Then make your own damn list. The majority of the IWC are the biggest bunch of whinners and complainers there has ever been.

  • Robinson

    Wow WWE lists just get dumber and dumber.

  • Bill

    ^It doesn’t matter what you saw, jabroni!

  • Buttercastle

    On my phone it shows a smiley face wearing sunglasses instead of number 8. Coincidence?

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