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Jim Ross Comments on Rumors of TNA’s Relationship with Spike TV Being In Jeopardy

– WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross tweeted the following this evening:

“This could well be a blockbuster week in the wrestling business….@WWE financials….@SpikeTV @IMPACTWRESTLING relationship..stay tuned.”

“Rampant rumors out of NYC re: Spike/TNA relationship being very much in jeopardy. Hope scuttlebutt is wrong. Pulling for @IMPACTWRESTLING”

  • CC

    I think you misjudge most of the IWC. Its not that they want anything not called WWE to be destroyed, they are just sick of watching TNA destroy themselves. Most of the IWC (and I hate that term to be fair) have not much more love for WWE these days either, so you are way off base.
    People want an alternative to WWE, not a company that copies their old storylines and makes all the same stupid mistakes.

  • unknown

    i agree,back in the 90’s we had ecw,wcw,wwf,uswa and a couple other local ones at least here in michigan,TNA as whole is not really as bad as some say,they have many good talents.I think a move to something like the cw network would really help them

  • The Man They Don’t Call Sting

    I’m sure the IWC will have a blast with this, since they love to see anything not labeled WWE get destroyed. Hopefully TNA can find somewhere else. I can’t bear the thought of WWE’s horrid product being the only alternative on TV.

  • MindTricked

    TMZ is reporting that Impact is canceled, and that was Dixie was notified of this last week, with the last airing scheduled for sometime in October.