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Jim Ross critical of Women’s Money In The Bank finish

Jim Ross critical of Money In Te Bank finish

A lot of people were not pleased with the way things culminated at the first ever Women’s Money In The Bank ladder match and it appears that the WWE Legend Jim Ross is also among them.

During a recent podcast, Jim Ross talked out the finish of the women’s ladder match and said that it disturbed him because, despite the fact that WWE is trying to promote the Women’s Division, they had a man a climb up the ladder and grab the briefcase:

“That’s one thing that disturbed me, and hopefully they will fix that in some kind of way. That’s what WWE has been about. We don’t even call them Divas anymore; it’s the women’s division because it’s about empowering women. That’s why I was disappointed to see, in the first ever, historic Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match, that they had to have a man climb the ladder and retrieve the Money in the Bank briefcase.”

Hopefully, as Ross mentioned, WWE will fix their mistake by letting Carmella or any other women win the briefcase by herself during next week’s Money In The Bank rematch.

  • CC

    And the other reason it fails to “empower” them is the matches are nowhere near as good because the matches are softer. You do not get the same level of impact on the moves as they protect themselves more. Yes there are a few hard hits, but nothing compared to what you see in a male version of the match.
    The only “hardcore” stuff we have seen that looks just as strong as a male match was Bliss using the kendo stick on Bayley. I don’t think either of them held back, unlike the other hardcore matches.

  • jedi


  • D2K

    I never understood how women are supposed to be “empowered” by emulating men? Seems pretty backward to me. These matches don’t serve any purpose for women “empowerment.” It’s just an attention-grabbing buzz-word.

    What was “empowering” was seeing quality WRESTLING matches in the Women’s division last year. The quality has gone down. A lot of it due poor booking. Perhaps if they booked matches right they would not have to rely on HITC and Ladder Matches to grab headlines.