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Jim Ross Not Interested In Seeing Chris Benoit Movie, Chris Masters On Facebook

— Jim Ross says he has no interest in seeing the final days of Chris Benoit re-told in a new big screen ‘biographical thriller’, entitled Crossface.

When asked for comment on the upcoming movie, he tweeted, “No thoughts…no interest…too sad.”

He added, “I was asked my opinion re: potential Beniot movie. I gave my opinion, did ‘man’ up. Have no interest reliving the tragedy. I lost 3 friends.”

SRG Films announced Saturday formal plans to produce a film based on the life of the deceased former wrestler, which will be adapted from Matthew Randazzo’s book Ring of Hell: The Story of Chris Benoit and the Fall of the Pro Wrestling Industry. Production is tentatively scheduled to begin next fall.

— Former WWE star Chris Masters is now on Facebook. He tweeted, “Be sure to check out my FB page. Lots of updates! Christopher Mordetzky.”

  • voice of reason

    actually venom your absolutely right if it was a movie about how he got into the biz & then his rise through various organizations then that would be a great movie but i don’t want it to be the last few days of his life.

    personally the name jude law pops into mind to play chris on the big screen.

  • venom

    I thought this movie was going to have more of his career in the movie. Just about the final days is sick. Those are the days us wrestling fans are trying to forget.

  • Soulshroude

    I still stand beside J.R.

  • voice of reason

    for me personally i wouldnt watch the movie because at the time it was too painful & upsetting seeing a favorite of mine pass first it was eddie that was a tough one i did have a good cry over eddies passing then BAM chris died so no i won’t be watching now if it was a passing through other means i would watch the movie but for what chris did to his wife & child i wouldnt want to see such a tragedy played out on screen.

    now if it was a randy savage movie i’m all up for watching that.

  • Dave

    I actually bought Hard Knocks: The Chris Benoit Story on DVD. Just after the incident. I figured it would be withdrawn. So I got it while I could. And to this day, it remains in its plastic wrapper. I can’t actually bring myself to watch it.

  • KitKrock

    Movie Spoiler: JACOB GOODNIGHT killed the Benoits …


  • Nicholas G

    It is sick if you ask me blood money. I mean just let it go really feel sad how everything turn out for Benoit was wrestling darkest day since Owen Hart death. I will not watch it yeah I am a wrestling fan but just want to let that whole thing go. The only good thing that came out of that whole story is WWE is trying it dam hardest to clean up it act. I really it is the main reason that WWE went PG and not what everybody else on the internet seems to want to believe. It also made WWE try very hard with there Drug Policy and has really buckle down on all the junkies in wrestling has it been perfect no but it is a start in the right direction.

    God bless Benoit and family may they be at peace.

  • really

    i don’t think JR has any interested in Masters being on facebook

  • Mark Newton

    i agree with JR wholeheartedly

  • StudDog

    I was an avid Benoit fan and that was a really painful time. No I don’t think I would want to relive it.

  • MJ

    I dont want to watch it by the simple fact is im a real chris benoit fan and when i heard that he did what he did it made me feel awful for the family and even though i never met him i would like to remember him as an awesome wrestler then a man who killed his family. I hate that it happened and this movie just makes me feel like i did back in june 2007

  • VenomEX

    the headline made it seem that jr wasn’t interested in seeing the chris benoit movie AND he wasn’t interested in chris master on facebook either.

  • Dave

    Fully understand his feelings. As a wrestling fan, I will find that movie uncomfortable viewing. I can absolutely see why someone much closer to all involved would not want to relive such a tragedy.

  • Omar

    Good for you JR!