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Jim Ross Involved In Car Accident, Ryback Works Live Event

— Jim Ross was involved in an automobile accident Saturday. He is fine.

He tweeted, “Bad hit by a pickup..totaled my Escalade or so body shop thinks. Seat belt and airbag saved me.”

— Skip Sheffield competed as Ryback in the opening match at Friday’s WWE SuperShow in Winnipeg, Manitoba. He defeated Alex Riley with a series of power moves and a nasty spear.

— ‘be a STAR,’ the anti-bullying alliance co-founded by WWE and The Creative Coalition, is filming public service announcements this weekend at the annual Sundance Film Festival in Utah.

— When asked for comment on Twitter on the greatest Diva in WWE history, Paul Bearer responded, “Mae Young.”


  • Philly655

    Kamala’s foot – go away u jackass, ur not funny, ur not trolling (or whatever bullsh*t excuse u wanna use for typing ur nonsence) all you are doing is wasting my fu*king air… go do the rest of the world a favour… Stop breathing.

  • kamala’s foot

    Beniot’s bowfleck is more over than Ryback.

  • Josh

    Ryback opened last night in Fargo too but lost to Riley. Cody announced he broke Dibiases hand so Riley performed double duty. Main event saw Punk beat Miz in a cage match. Pretty cool never seen a cage match live before

  • Cenaheelturnplz

    Skip is the future n the next big thing in wwe move over cena n punk n orton

  • Venoms Little Jimmie

    JR is the best announcer in WWE history. Vince will give him a new gimmick and bring him back soon. I know it in my heart!

    I have also signed up to be a STAR!!!!

    Mae Young had a great butt, but Trish Stratus is my all time favorite DIVA. I cant wait until Mickey James comes back to WWE! She will then be my favorite DIVA. Soon Awesome Kong will be back on the DIVA scene. She made the right move by coming to WWE. Her career is about to skyrocket!!

  • venom

    Looks like Skip is going to be the next Goldberg. goldberg from the future. lol.

  • shawn

    Skip sounds intersting to me. i like multipule powermoves in 1 match.

    kamalas foot, disliking your comment is not enough. your going to get old, and you will be in pain. cant wait for Kharma by the way. you?

  • kamala’s foot

    These holidays have been rough. I’ve been sad because I has removed from Kamala’s leg. I hope the car wreck straightened out JR’s face.

  • Jimbo


    Well buckle up, because that’s going to be your main event someday whether we like it or not…and if we don’t like it Vince will just shove it further down our throats until we do like it.

  • hornswoggler from the chocolate factory

    ryback vs. mason ryan for wrestlemania……NOT!!!!!!!

  • Bill

    Thank God JR is okay.

  • Devil_Rising

    Glad JR is okay.