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Why Jim Ross Has Really Left WWE, Vince McMahon Partly Responsible Says Report

— According to the Wrestling Observer, Jim Ross’ decision to retire was partly driven by Vince McMahon. The pair reportedly met on Wednesday to discuss Ross’s future with the company, which has led to this decision for him to “retire from WWE.”

Following the incident at WWE’s 2K14 symposium, Ross was partly blamed for Ric Flair’s behavior which led to his own future being up in the air. The consensus was that Ross, as host, should have intervened when Flair went off the rails and started making “controversial” remarks about WWE.

— On JR’s retirement, Vince McMahon tweeted the following:

“Thank you @JRsBBQ for 20 years of service with WWE.”

  • Darrin Tyler

    So technically he was let go…they are making it look like a retirement when it really isn’t.

  • millerj265

    Its funny I said something similar to what you have to man babys comment only I included a website he could go to if he wanted to listen to interviews with ex wwe wrestlers, writers, and refs, lots of whom have mentioned vinces hate for JR. The staff has been covering wrestling for 25yrs, there more then reputable, and they have interviewed basically anyone and everyone who’s ever had a part in pro wrestling. But I guess that comment wasn’t allowed because this website doesn’t want you to know they exist since 1. they probably steal a lot of there story’s from them and 2. they probably think that once you go to that site you’ll nvr come back to this one. So congrats to you wrestling-edge, way to censor my freedom of speech just because you don’t want ppl to find out about an even better wrestling website.

  • Ray Myer

    Well, see, I’ve been a wrestling fan for a long time. And anyone with an IQ over 1 can tell when someone is being buried on TV to be buried. They made fun of his stroke, his disabilities, his accent and then coincidentally fired him. Actually terminated him. Hm. Awfully coincidental!

  • millerj265

    I agree with you that a lot of ppl on this and other dirtsheets do complain and condemn everything the wwe does good or bad. I’m not one of them, check my posts almost all are in a positive manner. I’m just upset with the treatment of JR. And yes the sheets are probably wrong 90% of the time. I doubt they are this time based on 1. Vince has openly crapped on JR for nearly his entire career. 2. scores of former wwe employees, lots of whom had virtually nothing but good things to say about the wwe and Vince other then saying that Vince was a bit of a bully at times and that he truly seems to dislike and disrespect JR. 3. JR is a consummate professional, and will never openly bash Vince because he loves the wwe and to disrespect Vince would be to disrespect the wwe and he wont ever do that, he’s got to much class. And lastly its my opinion, one built on years of simple observation, on listing to other wrestlers and writers telling first hand stories of Vince’s love of belittling JR, I truly believe this went down the way they are saying it did at that upsets me. That doesn’t mean I hate the wwe, or even Vince for that matter, I honestly think Vince is a decent human being, that like everyone else has his flaws and his distain for JR is one of them. But its my right to voice my opinion about the situation, and what better place then a website full of ppl who also love wrestling and the ppl involved with making it what it is. I cant just call up Vince and say, hey man I really disagree with your treatment of Jim Ross. I’m a life long wrestling fan, iv been watching since I was 8yrs old, im 24yrs old now, I have very few friends who watch wrestling and zero who are passionate about the product and the ppl involved in making it great. So this is it, this and other wrestling sites are all I have to talk about the sport that I love. I enjoy reading the opinions of other passionate fans, and yes at times I shake my head at the ridicules amount of venom some ppl want to spit at the wwe on a daily biases, but there are also lots of ppl who post positive things, or just give constructive criticisms. And regardless of any of that I just enjoy giving my thoughts and discussing wrestling, plain and simple. So you can have your opinion, in fact I welcome it that’s why I come here. But don’t mistake my compassion for JR and my disappointment and anger at Vince as a condemnation of the wwe because its not. Because for all the things the wwe may do wrong, whether it be in front of the camera, or behind the scenes, they do a lot of things right and they have brought me nearly 20yrs of entertainment and memory’s, and for that I will always support the wwe, even if I don’t always agree with a direction there going in or the way there treating a wrestler or employee.

  • Man baby

    You don’t know if Vince has no respect for him or not so quit bullshitting. @Ray “They always treated him like shit” lol I didn’t know you were working in the company to see all of this crap you claim you know. Just like when Stephanie said Axel was beneath HHH on TV IN CHARACTER mind you. Then 90% of the IWC assumes that statement was out of character and they really meant that. Seperate TV character from reality you’re a grownass man. Unless you or maybe a family member or friend works there, you don’t know what goes on there so know your role.

  • Man baby

    Or maybe people need to grow the fuck up. Most of you are over 35 years old crying about fucking wrestling. It’s not about voicing opinion when all you do is bitch about everything they do(good/bad). If they are so do dumb and evil, blah blah why do you still watch and buy their shit? It’s a simple question that you and like 90% of the IWC can’t seem to answer but it is simple logic. When I felt that something that I liked got like that I stoped watching even if I liked a character or two. It’s called getting over it and moving on. Don’t torture yourself on something you don’t like anymore especially when you can’t stand what they do anymore. Not only that but these dumb dirtsheets are never 100% accurate, 30% at best. But instead of reserving judgment until the story has time to settle in all of you jump the gun and condemn VKM and the WWE as the fucking devil when you don’t know if it’s true or not. Just yesterday the story just changed, it doesn’t make WWE look evil either. Also, JR hasn’t said anything bad about them either. But NOOO you and all of you 90% IWC’ers (the majority of the IWC that hates WWE all while throwing money at them every week) Jump the gun and condemn WWE to hell when you don’t know the full story. I know what JR has done but come on you realize that some of these dirtsheets post stories like that to make WWE look bad and vice versa.

  • millerj265

    That’s what happens when you replace a man who not only made the rounds in the territory days learning from some of the absolute best minds in wrestling on what it takes to be a good pro wrestler and how to spot that talent in ppl, but also a man who has spent his entire career sitting ringside every night, watching and analyzing the matches of the greatest talents in wrestling. And then you go and replace him with a nobody wrestler who could never get over in the states because he had zero personality and didn’t have the slightest clue on how to get over or what it takes to be a star. Which again just goes to show the lack of respect vince has for jr, he would rather have a never was ex wrestler with no ability to spot talent, then have jr who could spot talent a mile away, all because vince for some reason just does not like jr and has zero respect for him no matter how many times jr has come threw for him be it on commentary or at spotting potential mega stars of the future.

  • millerj265

    Or maybe ppl just wanna voice there disapproval of the open and terrible mistreatment of one of there longest and most loyal employees. People also bash and express there dislike of certain aspects in movies, television shows, football, baseball ect, are those ppl sheep for still finding enjoyment in other aspects of those aforementioned forms of entertainment? And ppl also express there dislike in the way ppl are treated in the work place by either there employed company, by individuals who are higher up in a company who can get away with sh%ting on lower level employees and so on. Are those ppl sheep for still continuing there employment? I think not, its called having compassion for another human being who has and who (and granted this is a dirt sheet report so yes it could be 100% fact or complete bs) is being treated like dirt by his boss who should by all rights be extremely grateful to JR for all the years of hard work and loyal employment he has given. And considering all the ppvs he has helped sell with his amazing commentary, all the matches he helped make that much better by adding such drama and passion and excitement to, Vince has absolutely no reason to be nothing but grateful, and yet he acts like JRs contributions to the wwe are almost non existent and mean very little if anything at all. That’s what is upsetting ppl! But just because there is an outpour of anger and compassion for a person who has been obviously mistreated by his employer, regardless of whether or not this story is accurate JR has been openly mistreated by Vince nearly the entirety of his wwe career and that’s what ppl are hating on. That doesn’t make them sheep for still watching the wwe, for still wanting to support there favorite wrestlers by buying there merchandise, or watching raw and smackdown. It just means that ppl are upset with the way a good man was treated by someone with more power then him, plain and simple. Having empathy for a person doesn’t make you a sheep, it makes a decent human being.

  • King of the IWC

    LOL. Wrestling Observer said it, it must be true. Let me bad mouth WWE and Vince then watch their shit and throw my money at them tomorrow as usual. LMAO sheep.

  • Centerfold Skye

    JR was and IS an Icon. They should kiss his feet. The WWE was at it’s best with him behind the microphone and behind the scenes working with the talent. Vince and the WWE writers are stale and out of touch with what makes for good entertainment.

  • “Thank you JR, even though I fired and rehired your ass several times over. Love, Billionare Vince”.

  • TOmC

    WWE is such a boring JOKE these days. Now they’re regurgitating the “McMahon-Helmsley Era” storylines – repackaged as “best for business.” What a joke.

  • d_pooch

    Just seems like they (WWE/Vince) will find any reason to have a problem with you nowadays. JR is a class act and one of the best things to happen to WWE in the last 20 years. He at least deserves a “JR appreciation night.”

  • millerj265

    And that about sums up the amount of craps Vince gives about JR. 20 yrs of loyal employment in the face of constant ridicule and being made fun of and put down, fired legitimately a few times, and JR always took it and was always a pro because he loves wrestling and he loves the wwe and all he gets is a short, non personal thanks. Good job wwe, and specifically Vince, way to be a star you piece of sh*t.

  • Tom Burden

    This is completely stupid, the 2K officials did not care, and Ric Flair is well known for doing stuff like this. Vince McMahon needs to get his head out of his ass.

  • Ray Myer

    No surprise. They always treated him like shit. Coincidentally after being replaced by Lauranitis, the WWE talent pool dried up awfully fast.