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Jim Ross Q&A: Did Cena Need To Beat Cesaro on Raw?, The Rhodes Brothers Being “Downgraded” & more

– Jim Ross has posted a new Q&A piece on his website, below are the highlights:

On Cody Rhodes & Goldust Being “Downgraded”: “Cody’s future at age 28 is as a singles wrestler. Goldust has received a really nice return to WWE and is an asset as well. Goldust would likely make a great coach. I see both Rhodes brothers and the Outlaws as transitional teams who both likely won’t be together long term and over the long haul. I have enjoyed both teams very much as supporting role acts.”

Why It Was Necessary For John Cena To Beat Cesaro On RAW?: “Necessary? Of course not but that was the play that was called. Cesaro looked great in a losing effort. I’m not a win-loss guy but a performance guy and Cesaro had and has had great in ring performances in WWE often, especially recently. Cesaro isn’t fading.”

On The Future of the Real Americans: “I see both Cesaro and Swagger having more value to WWE as singles wrestlers.”

  • poko

    I agree with JR that going over in a match isn’t always about winning and that Cesaro stole the show enough, with Cena’s support, that he now has a lot more attention than he had before, but it still left a bitter taste in my mouth that Cesaro didn’t get the pin. Yeah, it’s scripted, but he earned it with that performance. It’s like watching a guy play his ass off in a football game only to have someone get the MVP award because that guy is a bigger name.