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Jim Ross Q&A – NYC Show: Savage Taking Stephanie McMahon’s Virginity, Monteral Screwjob, Roman Reigns’ Push

Thanks to reader @nabalab for sending in this report from Jim Ross’ evening show in New York City last night:

The show lasted from 9pm until around 10:40ish. JR was introduced by Robin Lundberg from ESPN NY.

Checked out the merch – a t-shirt, JR’s BBQ sauce ($5) and Beef Jerky ($5) – yes, jerky. The sauce sold out, I heard.

One of the first things JR said when he came out was to “never be ashamed to admit that you are a wrestling fan. Be true to yourself.” This got a tremendous reaction from the crowd.

JR told a story about how Leroy McGuirk wanted to literally kill Ted Dibiase because Ted was dating Leroy’s daughter Mike, who was a WWF ring announcer. Leroy asked JR to essentially be an accomplice. Jim was so worried that he called Bill Watts about it. Watts laughed it off and told him to give Leroy more alcohol so he would pass out. Mission accomplished and crisis averted!

I thought the Q&A was a very nice touch, but it only went about 40 minutes. Of course it could have gone longer, but the Gramercy had another event last night.

From the Q&A:

Someone asked if the rumor is true if “Macho Man” Randy Savage took Stephanie’s “flower.” He has heard that rumor, but didn’t know because he wasn’t there.

He does not think the WrestleMania 30 card will be finalized until Raw the week before. But he does think Daniel Bryan is THE GUY and should leave Mania as the champion. Batista should have been a heel from the start.

When asked who he thinks is the next top guy, he mentioned Roman Reigns. He would book him to win the Rumble next year and win the title at WM31. Then work backwards, which would lead up to that.

WWE should embrace the CM Punk chants in Chicago on Raw and not ignore it (this was before the rumor that he may actually be back tomorrow night).

JR said that even though he has certainly worked with racist promoters, Vince himself is definitely not racist. Vince respects Dr. Martin Luther King and everything he has done. JR didn’t know why there had only been one African-American WWE/F champion (The Rock) until now. JR also added that he was the commentator when Ron Simmons won the WCW title years earlier.

He thinks Randy Savage should be in the HOF. Also mentioned that William Regal should be there too – and no one in the back would have a problem with it.

Someone asked who the most frugal wrestler was. Obviously a plant, because then Mick Foley was introduced.

Foley and JR talked about the Montreal screwjob. JR had no clue about it, he just thought Shawn/Bret would be ending by a DQ, but he didn’t know the specifics and whether DX and/or the Hart Foundation would be doing a run-in. Mick had quit as a result and spoke to JR at length that night on the phone. The “quit” only lasted for one day, as Mick and his wife realized it would be a breach of contract.

JR and Mick both think promos should be bullet-pointed and not scripted word-for-word. Mick takes blame for this because the “This is Your Life” segment with the Rock should have been 12 minutes and lasted for over 25. Vince was pissed until they showed him the ratings.

  • Raul

    Um…..The champ in question is not the Rock, it’s Booker T