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Jim Ross Q&A: Who’s Bigger – Austin or Hogan?, Hell In a Cell and Chamber Matches, More

– WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has updated his Q&A section on Here are some highlights:

How important was the famous “Austin 3:16” speech in terms of progressing Steve’s career? Do you think he would have excelled as much and as quickly as he did had it not been for that promo? Thanks. If you are still talking about it then it must have been a key moment and I feel that it was.

I realize this is a question that can be argued and debated all day long however, in YOUR opinion, who is the bigger star in the wrestling business, Hulk Hogan or Stone Cold Steve Austin? Thanks for your time. Hogan had a longer run and I think that Austin drew more money. Another very subjective question. Austin was ‘the man’ when WWE was in a major fight for survival.

I know you weren’t happy about being drafted to smack down, but did you enjoy your time away from raw? It was ok but not something that I wanted to do.

Dear JR’ In your perfect WWE World, who would be wwe world heavyweight, ic, us, tag team and diva plz answer ur the best jr These are so subjective that there really are no right or wrong answers. Just for an opinion today, that could change tomorrow…Daniel Bryan as WWE Champ…AJ as Divas champion..Rhodes Brothers are tag champs…Cesaro as IC Champ…Ambrose as US Champ.

Do you think WWE will eventually cease doing such matches as Hell in a Cell and Elimination Chamber? After all, those matches are no longer the brutal, fierce and bloddy classics they use to be. Who knows but without the graphic use of blood the structures lose a little mystique even though I don’t condone the use of blood in today’s marketplace.

  • Ray Myer

    You’re very, very wrong. There were so many guys around when Hogan was there that were larger than life. Andre the Giant made Hogan what he was. No one made Austin. AUSTIN made Austin. Hogan’s time came when wrestling was at an all-time high because of Andre, Hogan, Savage, Warrior, and a great many others. Look at what Austin had to work with and look where all the superstars had gone. He took the WWE in it’s darkest hour and produced a product that went way above and beyond anything Hogan ever did. He OUTSOLD Hogan in merchandise, sold OUT more Arenas than Hogan, and was a bigger draw than Hogan. That in the entertainment industry is what counts and why he is better. And nothing I’ve stated is opinion. Those are all solid facts that even JR references in the above article. Hogan doesn’t even have a place ahead of Bret Hart.

  • poko

    Sorry, but no. Before Hogan, professional wrestling was something that got pushed to 11:30 pm after local news aired. Main-stream media pretended it didn’t exist. Suddenly, with “Hulk-a-mania”, wrestling was on prime-time, it was selling out football stadiums, it was kids running around in yellow and red with wrestling toys. That had never happened before. That is the point where the industry changed, where the territory system got blind-sided by the run-away train that was the WWF. If Hulk Hogan hadn’t come along, Steve Austin might have never had a chance to be a star. I wasn’t even a fan back then (I liked the NWA and the Horsemen) but the industry is where it is at today because Hulk Hogan became a phenomenon that transcended wrestling. Next to Vince McMahon, he’s the most important figure of the modern era of professional wrestling.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    I agree but disagree. As much as I hate Hogan, Hogan made wrestling without a shadow of a doubt, Hogan made wrestling not only main stream but also internationally known. Hogan was the man in 3 different organizations/territories as Austin was only known for one. To say who is bigger is a tough call, mainly bc Austin was the man from 97-02/03ish as Hogan has been known since the 70’s/80’s and is still involved in the sport since then.

  • Ray Myer

    Austin -made- pro wrestling. Hogan played a part – but Austin was the man who carried the business into the swamp and out the other side. So by far and without a doubt.. Austin was, and forever will be the bigger superstar.