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Jim Ross Talks Changes in WWE, Closing Raw Segment and More

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has posted another blog this week. Here are some highlights.

Closing segment on Raw: “Show closing segment…. @HeymanHustle promo/intro for @CMPunk was stellar. @Ryback22 interrupt shut Punk’s promo down but the actions of the ‘NXT in Black Boys’ stood out. I embrace their aggression and physicality directed at Ryback who took a helluva beating. Watch again in slo-mo if you think I’m embellishing. The three men comprised of @TheDeanAmbrose @RomanReigns and @WWWERollins did not become cannon fodder for the leviathan Ryback plus they kept a discernable level of mystique as their motives weren’t revealed nor did we hear them speak as of yet. All good in carving out an episodic TV storyline. ”

Paul Heyman referencing Bruno Sammartino on Raw: “Heyman mentioning Bruno Sammartino was cool. Any discussion about the WWE Title can’t realistically take place without mentioning Bruno. I’d love to see Bruno inducted in the WWE HOF in 2013 in his house, Madison Square Garden, along with Bob Backlund, Mick Foley, among others that are very deserving. ”

Changes taking place in WWE: “It feels like positive changes are in play in WWE in what feels to be a definite, transitional period. There’s nothing wrong with being in a transitional period by the way. Lots of talent who have been groomed for main event opportunities are now being placed in the ‘on deck circle’ or so it seems. Their own, personal desire to take the next step isn’t all about WWE but, more often than not, the people that these individuals see in the mirror. By refusing to accept mediocrity and pushing, pulling, scratching and clawing through the clutter one increases their odds of making it. Granted the odds of becoming a bona fide main event performer in WWE are long to begin with but diligence and working through adversity (I know of what I speak on this one) greatly increases one’s chances for success. I’d almost compare today’s WWE to a major college athletic team or a pro franchise who is rebuilding around young, talented athletes, plus a few incumbents, who need to continue to push themselves in all phases of their game and not settle. Athletes who reside in their insulated ‘nests’ IE their comfort zones are problems that must be either solved or eliminated.”

“This transition is a long term fix but if the course is steered week in and week out the results will be the development of several talents who can add ‘new’ to broadcast and live event presentations.”

  • mtlhitman

    3 hours of wcw or 3 hours of raw special edition use to have big rating,creative isn’t helping at all half of their storyline is bad but tv-pg is not helping because creative are very limited with the (hardcore match,course language,blood,alcool used,wmen been sexyer or doing bra and panties match,stunts like a guy falling from a heel in a cell or falling from the titantron)but i dont think the current product is that bad.New wrestlers been brought in or new champion (3 nxt guys,damian sandow,ryback,darren young,titus oneil,antonio cesaro,faandago)then we still have heel in a cell,tlc,tabele,ladders,chair,last man standing,2 out a 3 fall match,CM Punk keeping the title a long time is good for the titles not been won and lost every 3 months,close to wrestlemania expect the rock,brock lesnard,ric flair and the undertaker to comme back that will help ratings a lot.

  • sam

    the ratings are getting hurt because its still a 3 hour show, people are not going to be interested for 3 hours straight its not a PPV, sooner it goes back to 2 hours, the better the ratings will get

  • Hank Moody

    The problem isn’t PG, it’s that WWE doesn’t push what PG means. They CAN get away with a lot more than they’re choosing to allow on their shows, it’s not the rating that’s constricting them. It’s been closer to a G product than a PG product. If you think simply changing the rating fixes bad creative, look at TNA.

  • craig

    Going to tv-14 isn’t going to solve the problems they have with the creative team. PG isn’t the problem. Creative has long been the issue and until that changes the rating of the show simply doesn’t matter.

  • Man

    The only change that should be happening is the removal of the TV-PG rating and bringing it back to TV-14.