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Jim Ross Thinks Steve Austin Will Wrestle One More Match

Jim Ross believes Steve Austin will compete in one more match, but doesn’t foresee it happening at WrestleMania XXVIII.

“I think he still has the itch to do one more match,” Ross said Wednesday during an appearance on 1560 The Game. “His health is better—there’s certain things he may not be able to do physically —but he’s in great shape.”

“A year ago, I would have said there would be no more Austin matches. I’ve loosened my stance on that a little bit now. I think somewhere down the road—I don’t think it’s WrestleMania 28 because those attractions are pretty well in place with Rock and Cena—it would not surprise me to see Austin back for a farewell, one-time off situation.”

J.R. also talked about John Cena’s appearance on “Piper’s Pit” Monday where WWE Hall of Famer “Rowdy” Roddy Piper grilled Cena on the increasingly hostile reaction from WWE Universe members.

“I’m not sure what they accomplished at the end of the segment, but I listened to every damn word of it,” Ross said. “So, they captivated my attention, but it was like the crazy uncle trying to reason with the defiant nephew about Cena’s reaction to the crowd.”

Ross said he is often asked whether Cena should turn heel. He doesn’t think it’s necessary since Cena is a heel to one group of fans, but garners strong support from another.

  • venom

    Sounds like somebody got a brutal job.

  • Tombstonepiledriver

    Yall just dont get it do you? Cena is doing his job and doing it well, This is apparent by all the different reactions from the crowd and all the comments made on here everytime there is an article with his name on it.

    @Freakyzilla, Hows the new job going?
    For those of you who did not know Freaky just got a new job at the hospital doing circumcision’s. It pays a hundred skins a week with an excellent chance to get a head.

  • venom

    The Make a Wish foundation should not be a reason why they can’t turn him heel. The kids can like another top face. If Cena turns heel, I’m sure Orton will get a lot of requests.

  • really

    Cena said it himself, he gets a ton of requests from places like Make-a-Wish and other charities. Making him heel at this point will kill a lot of that and WWE is not ready to give up that PR.

    JR has a point, he’s pretty much a heel anyway so why change if WWE can make money of both ends.

  • KGM Da Master

    Sean Mooney, i agree to a degree, Cena turning heel would make an impact. Nowhere near like Hogan though, Hogan went to a franchise that was emerging as a face. Thats why it was so shocking to see this franchise just got their living legend and made him into something fans never saw that Hogan could ever be, the greatest heel ever. Just to be honest, im with the WWE on this one. If they were going to turn him heel, it shouldve came when he was leader of Nexus. Thats where Vince dropped the ball at the end zone as football would say about a promising player. Cena had just loss to Barrett and taken control of the group for them to pull super Cena out of it unscaved. Thats why people find it hard to back Barrett and all the other NXT wrestlers. Instead, Cena shouldve taken that group to the promiseland and made a more detailed version of nWo in Nexus. nWo had a lot of flaws that Vince and the creative staff couldve capitalize off of with Nexus. Nexus couldve clowned and dogged nWo for the lack of direction, just to think that was just last year too, ironically. Nexus gear went up when Cena joined the group, plus then he had a group of lackeys. Both sides wouldve won in this case. Now they are stuck with super Cena, turning him heel would be the dumbest move ever for WWE. He has no group (which every heel needs), no setup (Pipers pit wasnt enough), or any momentum going into being a heel. He cant just turn around and say screw u, it would be a flop if WWE were to pull that now because of the Rock because when the Rock leaves, then what? Like i said, earlier this year was a plus. Now would be a negative, as far as Stone Cold goes, LEAVE THE MAN ALONE! Peace

  • Jimbo

    So now that JR has opened this can of worms for people to ask him questions about it on his blog and responds in his usual condescending, pissed off manner, he will have no one to blame but himself.

  • Sean Mooney

    WCW took a HUGE risk turning Hogan heel, and it’s a huge reason why they surpassed WWE for a couple of years. I mean, sure Hogan as a face in the mid 90’s wasn’t working anymore, but nobody ever thought Hogan would ever turn heel, or that it could ever be successful.

    I think turning Cena heel (maybe at Wrestlemania by cheating to beat the Rock) would be great. The kids and women are the ones that love Cena now, but if you turn him heel, I don’t even think the kids will hate him as much as the majority of males dislike him right now. The women will probably like him regardless. I am not a Cena hater, I respect the hell out of him, I am just sick of how WWE books him, and the character we’ve seen from him for the past five years. The majority of people who dislike Cena liked him during 2003 and 2004, myself included. He’s no doubt one of the most talented WWE has to offer on the mic, I think it’d be great to see him to turn heel. The fact that they’ve been against turning him heel so long would only make it better, in my opinion. I bet he would get less boos as a heel, then he does now as the top face, but I think it would definitely work.

  • Freakzilla

    If Cena turns heel those who boo him would cheer and the kids who cheer him would boo. I don’t know if it would actually achieve anything. He’ll just hold onto the title/be in the title picture much like Hulk did with the nWo.

  • LVW

    One more match. Where have I heard that phrase recently? 😉

  • straight-edge

    the heel cena is the best cena. this everyday cena that on everyweek. u just know every move he going to make and every word he going to say. i do think it needs to happen. for the sake of wrestling to day and cena him self. cause cena is every reason im not watching it as much. why watch what you know is going to happen. i think they should turn him heel before wm28