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Jimmy Yang Says He Still Hasn’t Been Paid By TNA After Check Bounces

Jimmy Yang angrily stated Monday night on Twitter that he still has yet to be paid by TNA Wrestling after appearing for the organization seven weeks ago. He also states that an office employee called him unprofessional after revealing on the microblogging website last Thursday that the check he was issued two weeks prior bounced.

“Seven weeks and still no check. Somebody called me and said I was being unprofessional. Not paying somebody for a job is UNPROFESSIONAL,” Yang wrote.

Yang, reviving his Elvis impersonator character, made a one night return to TNA at the June 27, 2011 Impact Wrestling taping. He lost to Low Ki in a three-way match also featuring Matt Bentley.

In February, Mike Mooneyham of The Post and Courier said in an interview that friend Ric Flair was owed a significant amount of money by TNA. Wrestling Observer editor Dave Meltzer commented on TNA’s financial situation weeks later and revealed that the company is bleeding money and therefore behind at times in paying talent.

“They are 4-6 months behind at times in paying talent for out dates,” he wrote on “They are often months behind in paying vendors.

“When the CFO has recruited different people to work for the company he talks about how they are bleeding money.

“When they universally have the best atmosphere at TV, their top priority, last week in Fayetteville, they then cancel the idea of future monthly non-Impact Zone tapings for months because of the cost involved. The first sign of the company getting finances to where at least they aren’t losing too much where they are worried about short-term spending would be when the tapings away from Orlando become monthly, because everyone accepts that is the next move that has to be made.

“Multiple people who know telling me.

“The entire role of Janice Carter in TNA.

“Aside from that, we have no evidence at all.”

  • daniel

    well if tna isntpaying their talent then someones doing something to the books but they do needto pay their tallent if i worked for a company that hires me & doesnt pay me then it’s a matter for the court system

    but i do reckon that all of tna’s budget is going on perks for hogan & his cronies & the people that carry the company are getting stiffed majorly

  • venom

    How else does Fatt get money

  • venom

    TNA has to be paying their talent. How less does Fatt Hary get McDonald’s allowance money.

  • The Hogan era is a joke.

  • CC

    @DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling, yeah, it was posted last week.

  • ooohhh a rumor from Dave Meltzer… must be true… its not like he has a history of talking bollocks or anything is it?

  • JIR

    I think WWE will NOT buy them out just to make sure they don’t take the hit for Hogan’s Mistakes

  • Matt

    its the same of any company in financial trouble, stop paying the little bills first, cause who is going to initiate legal action to recover small amounts, they’d spend more on lawyers/collection agents etc…

  • Tombstone1108

    TNA— Taking Narcotics Always

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    ignore the last already… can’t type tonight.

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    Hasn’t this already been posted already?


    lol TNA just give up admit defeat already TNA hasnt been good in years

  • Steve O

    Jimmy Yang deserves better…Yeee-hawww!!!

  • Dave

    If they don’t have enough money in their account to pay whatever paltry amount Jimmy Wang Yang earned for working one night on the lower part of the card, they are in drastic trouble.