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Jinder Mahal reveals when he found out about his WWE Championship victory

jinder Mahal

WWE Champion Jinder Mahal recently appeared on Roz & Mocha on Kiss 92.5 where he talked about his championship victory and more. Below are some of the highlights from his latest interview:

When asked if WWE gives the star a new belt every time they win a championship, Jinder revealed that the belt he holds is the original one but they do give stars a complimentary belt after they lose the title:

“No, actually that’s the real one. Yeah they do, yeah (give you a commemorative one to keep once you lose it). So the name plates, they change the nameplates. Obviously I took that one from Randy Orton, they took his nameplates off and slapped on the Jinder Mahal ones.”

When Jinder won the championship it was reported that his victory was a last minute decision and so many wonders when he found out about his championship victory.

Clearing this doubt, Mahal revealed that he found about it on last minute when asked if he knew about his victory ahead of time:

“This one was king of sprung on my last minute. A lot of times it’s planned. I knew I was going to be a champion in WWE but not this soon. I thought I was working towards Intercontinental Champion or U.S. Champion and then work my way up, but they I was given the opportunity and I was ready.”

Apart from this Jinder Mahal also talked about the fan reaction he gets and more.

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    So many errors in the writing here. “so many wonders” “king of sprung on my last minute”

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    “Mahal revealed that he found about it on last minute”… thats approaching word salad