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Joey Ryan and Taz continue to play up their angle on Twitter. Here is a portion of their exchange last night.

Ryan: “at least I didn’t tell them that they “sucked” like you do to people when you abuse your power on commentary.”

Taz: “when u pay me to do commentary than tell me how to conduct myself on air. Or, until u have more than 4 appearances on worldwide tv.”

Ryan: “I’m more over after 4 appearances than you are after years of it. How well do your shirts sell? I thought so.”

Taz: “oh god, your ‘over’ in 4 appearances? If that’s true YOUR WELCOME.”

Ryan: “I was over BEFORE you. Remember 87%? Or are you continuing to ignore their opinions and what they saw in me?”

Taz: “Joey, your 32 and u are begging to be ‘famous’ and your not. It’s not that big of a deal.”

Ryan: “where do you get ‘begging’ from? Did I ‘beg’ for a job like Silva or Hendrix? No, I didn’t.”

Taz: “problem is u think I’m ‘working’ or playing with u. Folks here think it also. Ask around I’m not playing games.”

Ryan: “I get what you’re doing. Did Bruce or Al put you up to using me to get Gut Check over? Funny how Gut Check needs a rub from me!”

  • Bill

    This reminds me a lot of the Mick Foley & Dean Ambrose rivalry. Let’s hope TNA goes somewhere big with this.

  • Dave

    Fucking hilarious. This is how you use twitter to build a feud.

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