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Joey Styles Joins In On Lilian Garcia Mockery, WWE Site Wants Ranjin Singh Back

— WWE website content director Joey Styles has joined in on the company’s semi-frequent mockery of ring announcer Lilian Garcia as he took to Twitter to poke fun at her announcing miscue at Tuesday’s SmackDown taping in Newark, New Jersey.

After Garcia stated on the microblogging site that she would be performing with her band Thursday night at the Hard Rock Cafe in Hollywood, California, he wrote to her, “Tonight will you be announcing yourself at the Hard Rock Cafe as Lilian Garcia or @RealJackSwagger? 🙂 @ZackRyder @JohnCena.” His comment was retweeted by Ryder.

During Tuesday’s show, Garcia erroneously introduced Ryder as “Long Island Iced Z, Jack Swagger” for his match against Jack Swagger. This led to John Cena hauling out ring announcer Tony Chimel for his post-show dark match since he “knows what he’s doing,” unlike Garcia. Cena had Chimel properly introduce Ryder, but WWE production coordinators kept cutting of his microphone in a practical joke. Cena then properly introduced Ryder himself.

The ordeal was done by WWE brass to publicly embarrass Garcia, who has been subject to various forms of humiliation numerous times throughout her career.

— has published an article demanding the return of The Great Khali’s former mouthpiece Ranjin Singh. writes, “The Great Khali is known the world over for his immense stature, but one-time mouthpiece Ranjin Singh played a giant role in The Punjabi Giant’s ascension in WWE. Singh’s many memorable antics included narrating the beloved “Khali Kiss Cam,” and thinks it’s time to bring him back!”

  • black sincarsa

    yeah it was a freindy rib like if they made fun of takers april 21 error

  • shawn

    that error deserves to be made fun of. thats funny in its self to me. i wouldn’t have laughed at what Cena did with Chimel if he was let on being a douchey smart alec successfully by the monkeys in the back though. Lillian hasn’t cockblocked me.

  • CC

    If you guys really think this is bullying, then you must have lead very sheltered lives. Its called friendly ribbing, and has been part of the industry since year zero.

  • GM

    Way to “bully” Lillian WWE.

  • J-J

    Be a star…. 🙁

  • Alan Wake

    I really hope people on Twitter call Cena out on this, I’d LOVE to see the response.

  • Flip

    WWE’s new anti-bully campaign “kids don’t bully…… Unless the other kid makes a minor mistake then torture that sum bitch”

  • Splash

    If you don’t get made fun of for the the odd mistake in life you’re taking things too seriously. How many people have that one buddy who did something (or someone) they should’t have and still get made fun of to this day. This situation is light hearted so it’s ok. It’s not like the previous article where new talent has to write down the things they would find most embarassing to happen to them and then have it become a reality.

  • Jimbo

    Sounds like a great place to work. Mess up and have the entire staff make fun of you like junior high kids.

  • Buttercastle

    Maybe Joey Styles will ask @rihanna for tips on how to shine up his enormous #forehead.

  • “Bad Man” Bigelow

    “Kofi Rhodes”.