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Styles Takes Aim At DX, WWE Star Disappointed In Being Left Off The Royal Rumble, Katie Lea

— While watching Raw last week, Joey Styles took aim at D-Generation X on his Twitter account, writing: “Is anybody else besides me sick of DX?”

He posted several other tweets commenting on the show, but they have all since been deleted.

— An apparently upset Tyson Kidd expressed his disappointment on being left off Sunday’s Royal Rumble match with the following message on his Facebook account: “Guess they found 30 guys better, either that or I drew number 31.” Fellow Hart Dynasty member David Hart Smith was also left off the card.

— The WWE website has posted new studio photos of Katie Lea Burchill.

See photo of Chris Jericho’s huge black eye ->

  • Ryan

    matt hardy was a cruiserweight, so yes carlito would be. what has happened to chavo?! i havent saw him in awhile… it’s a shame because he could put on some really good matches with the young guys.

  • DK Monster

    Carlito’s a cruiserweight? since when?
    They already tried the lightweight division numerous
    times since the Attitude era.
    It simply doesn’t work in the WWE because Vince won’t
    give any push toward the division itself.

  • King B

    Since WWE doesn’t want to push tag teams at all I am going to suggest a BETTER idea. Bring back a true competitive serious cruiserweight division. Come on the tag formula is a joke. Talented smaller wrestler paired with a hulking slow giant who Vince has a man love for. eventually they get split the little guy gets jobbed to the upper stars until they are cut.

    Cruiserweight or X division that is taken seriously could be great for pushing young talented stars and would keep many of us serious fans happy. Look at the division now! Bourne, Carlito, JTG, Kidd, Yoshi, Chavo, so on. Imagine the matches!

  • dill

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  • darryl

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  • Dan

    joey styles is in charge of

  • scooter

    is joey styles still employed by wwe? seriously does anyone know?

  • Spy

    I’d agree with you Devil_Rising BUT I COULDN’T READ YOUR POST!!! Seriously dude, it’s a comment not a COlumn. Anywho they should get pushed because they’re young talent. As for Styles I kinda agree but he should shut his face

  • Devil_Rising

    The Hart Dynasty SHOULD get a push. They are, without argument, three of THE single most talented wrestlers the WWE has on it’s entire roster. Harry IS a better wrestler than his dad, but he has barely had the chance to prove that. And “Tyson Kidd” is every bit as good if not better than the Dynamite Kid was in his heyday as well.

    They have a GREAT tag team on their hands, one that has literally been wrestling together for nearly a decade already, these kids are RING VETERANS, and they should be the Tag Team Champions. A wrestling promotion is supposed to use the title belts to highlight their BEST tag team, to promote and build their tag team division around their BEST tag team. You wanna know WWE’s best tag team, hands down? You’re looking at them. Not to mention that Natalya should be wrestling, for Christ’s sake. She should easily be Women’s champion, in fact she needs to be the NEXT women’s champion. She is probably more talented as an actual WRESTLER than any other woman on that roster.

    Point being, these kids should be highlights of the show, not a footnote. TJ….excuse me, “Tyson”, has every right to be pissed that they weren’t even used on the show. They had the enormous waste Khali, AND Beth Phoenix, yet they couldn’t see fit to put Kidd and Smith in the Rumble? Two of their best and brightest young stars, sitting backstage while a woman kisses a giant to pull him out of the ring? No offense to Beth, great moment for her, great moment for women’s wrestling (I guess), but the Hart Dynasty are habitually overlooked, criminally so.

    DX are old, lame, and done. Jeri-Show were entertaining for a time, but were tag champions for FAR too long. For Christ’s sake, WWE barely HAS any tag teams left, and what I’m saying is, without a doubt, the Hart Dynasty SHOULD be IT. Not CM Punk and Luke Gallows. I love Punk, but he does not need to be Tag Champ again. Put it on an ACTUAL Tag Team. I feel like the Hart Dynasty are being wasted, absolutely wasted. And yes, as a matter of fact, acting in good faith that Bret is actually back in the WWE, and WWE is actually bothering to put out a DVD on the Hart Family, YEAH, it would make a lot of sense for them to actually use that to PUSH the “Next Generation of Harts”. Duh. If not now then when?

  • edgehead15

    And here I still sit and laugh!

    PPL Hart Dynasty push will never come! Well for now at least.

    Omg Bret Hart so all of a sudden we assume HD will get a push, swear what has the IWC become?

  • Candy

    I actually thought Styles was AJ Styles as well, Joey didn’t even cross my mind when reading the title.

    I actually thought Kidd and Smith would make it into the Rumble, too bad for them.

  • Gimmick Guy

    I like the pop ups.

  • stockshark28

    Auhgggg I went to omg all the pop up ads drove me nuts and away from the website!!!!! horrible

  • Mike

    So just go to or instead. This site just steals all its news from those two places anyway.

  • Joe

    Ha yeah, same here.

    I also hate being taken to another website when I try to read news & having that crash my browser. Pain in the ass.

  • TheRattlesnake420

    lol Dillberg. I made that assumption as well. Then I was like….OH YEAH….JOEY Styles. OH MY GAAAWD!

  • wowwow

    they never will

  • James Robert (a.k.a. Jim Bob)

    Interesting… I was wondering when Kidd and/or Smith were going to enter the Rumble and how long they’d be in. It was surprising to see them not there at all. Honestly, with Bret’s involvement in WWE recently and the apparant (almost) push the Hart Dynasty received a few weeks ago, this is odd. Maybe they’ll use it as a storyline so they are face instead of heel. They can say because of Bret’s return to the company of Vince’s dislike towards him, they are getting punished and won’t stand for it, etc, etc…