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Joey Styles Would Announce Again But Not For WWE, Batista-Scorpion King 3, more

– When asked if he would announce again, Joey Styles responded on Twitter with: “I don’t miss broadcasting WWE. If I ever announce again, it will only be for MMA; nothing competitive to WWE. I love WWE.COM.” He also mentioned that he was a “non-contracted” employee for the official WWE website.

– Former WWE star Batista has a role in The Scorpion King 3 movie, which is currently filming in Thailand.

– WWE has released three new theme songs on iTunes, the entrance music of Ted DiBiase, Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre. (thanks to Jordan Gallen for sending that in)

  • Treg

    Seriously, I don’t get the connection with Pro Wrestling and MMA. Apples and oranges I say. Some people act like that if I’m a wrestling fan then I SHOULD love mma. Sorry.. no.

  • erik

    Yeah joey mma is no compettion for wwe. so joey styles that is why mma ufc is kicking wwe ass in ppv buyrates and ticket sales.

  • mark

    Batista in scorpion king 3, i wont be watching then . his acting is almost bad as his wrestling

  • Boomski

    I wouldn’t mind hearing Joey scream “OHHHHH MY GOD!!!!!” during a MMA knock out.

  • shawn

    MAKE ANOTHER MOOOOOVIE. dont have BATISTA. that equals interest. oh and smokin mirrors is very bad.

  • Matt

    lol and Rob’s being nice 😛

  • Rob

    Yes, cause we all want to listen to dibiase’s auto tune train wreck.