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John “Bradshaw” Layfield Rants On Former WWE Star

John “Bradshaw” Layfield, who was notorious for being abusive towards co-workers during his WWE tenure, inexplicably ranted on former colleague Marc Mero Sunday night on Twitter.

“If Johnny B Bad had sucked it would have been an improvement!” Layfield wrote regarding Mero, who he worked with from 1996 to 1998. “Mero absolutely sucks as a wrestler and human being. Sorry to u fans of his.”

He continued, “Sorry, can’t describe in 140 characters why Mero is a POS. No one who knew him sticks up for him-that should tell u something.”

Both posts have since been deleted.

In June and July 2007, Mero commented on the Chris Benoit murder-suicide, appearing on numerous cable news programs and criticizing both the wrestling industry and WWE (the erstwhile employer of Benoit). His comments drew the ire of WWE employees such as Ken Anderson, who labeled him a “goof” and a “silly bastard”, and Dave “Fit” Finlay, who claimed Mero had “nothing to do with this business.” Mero now works as an inspirational speaker in Orlando, Florida and heads the non-profit organization Champion of Choices, Inc. According to his Facebook page, he is the “happiest person on the planet.”

  • venom

    Mero is the perfect guy to be in the TNA locker room. Washed up has been.

  • KitKrock

    typo: sable, not sabled.


  • KitKrock

    Marc Mero banged Sabled while she was still a virgin, JBL’s wife is fat.

    Mero wins.

  • Very unimportant very forgettable guy

  • bonerjams

    Never gave anything to the business in my view

  • Logan

    I never really had a chance to see Marc Mero. The only reason I even remember him was b/c he was the first person I saw to do a Shooting Star Press and that we was married to Sable.

  • Andy

    I grew up where Marc Mero is from and knew his ex-wife. He beat the shit out of her. Some guy.