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John Cena and Adam Rose Suffer Minor Injuries at WWE Live Event In Madison, Wisconsin

– John Cena reportedly suffered an eye injury during his match with Bray Wyatt at last night’s WWE live event in Madison, Wisconsin. A few minutes into the match, Wyatt was head-butting Cena in the corner and either one of the strikes hit Cena in the eye or some of Wyatt’s hair whipped him in the eye. Cena immediately let the referee know he was hurt, leading to the dreaded “X” symbol. Two trainers came out and checked on Cena. The rest of the match was spent protecting him because the eye was closed.

There was also an injury to Adam Rose as he suffered a pretty good cut above his right eye during his match with Heath Slater. The referee put on rubber gloves to tend to Rose while trainers came out to clean up the blood.


  • Kristoffer Binder

    again, name me any wrestler who doesnt use his 5 moves of doom, as everyone always gets onto cena about? please help me here. I can watch any match and tell what going to happen when by that certain wrestler starting up his 5 moves..

    That being said, I never see how they call him an underdog, unless he is in a handicap match.

    But again, name me a wrestler, and I’ll guarantee he has his own set of moves..

  • Qinno

    Cena the underdog?
    lol… He is the poster boy, he always has a title shot waiting for him

  • Qinno

    Cena is a pussyfart, we all know that

  • Will Henderson

    gonna be a real “Shiner” that Cena will sport on Monday on Raw.

  • TheFizPop

    Triple suffers torn quad, “just do the walls Chris, do it”. Cena, omg my eye omg omg omg zomgz my eye! Its not just you who can’t see me, i cant even see my self?!