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– Hall of Famer Jim Ross’ has updated his blog, with the main highlights below…

John Cena and Survivor Series: “The conclusion of the Survivor Series seemed to provide more questions than answers regarding the focal point of the promotion, the free or fired stipulation put on John Cena. One has to assume that there will be significant follow up on this matter on Monday Night Raw from Orlando. Will we be surprised at what we hear on Raw? Will Cena indeed be leaving WWE? How could Cena be reprieved? Like I said, more questions than answers as it should make for a compelling MNR.”

Beth Phoenix’ Return: “Good to see Beth Phoenix back on TV and congrats to Nattie Neidhart for winning the Divas Title. I would love to see WWE be able to put more time into the Divas area of the promotion as we get tons of emails from folks who are fans of the female athletes. Nonetheless no one can wave a magic wand and recreate the magic that Trish and Lita, among many others, possessed back in the day.”

Kaval: “Good to see Kaval compete in a WWE PPV bout after all his year’s of paying his dues. I like Kaval’s style and have always been a fan of Ziggler’s in ring work. Dolph had some excellent bouts with Rey Mysterio a year or so ago and I feel that Kaval could also really light it up versus Rey down the road.”

  • http://wwe.smackdownveidos lys

    and beth phoenix should go out with john cena they would make a good couple and vickie are u half pig because you are pretty fat

  • http://wwe.smackdownveidos lys

    i think kelly kelly should go out with randy orton

  • http://wwe.smackdownveidos lysbeth

    vickie why are you so fat are you half pig

  • http://wwe.smackdownveidos lysbeth

    john cena is hot and beth phoenix is pretty and i think they should go out they would make a good couple and they both are pretty strong

  • erik

    I mean no shit jim ross. I mean divas are bunch of models who can’t wrestle kelly kellly, alicia fox eve botch queen rosa bellas layla i mean it is joke.

  • WTH06

    Has anyone heard anything on Cena’s storyline firing and why he’s taking time off?

  • dgnr83d

    it’s all nexus’ fault that they make cena’s life a living hell

  • George

    because she is pregnant @Jimbo

  • Joec316

    I like and respect JR as much as anyone but could u please change the headlines when its about his blogs. Quit making us think that its news when its clearly not!

  • Jimbo

    i get the mariah carey part, but why does she have to be pregnant?

  • Juggalo

    Lets face facts. There is no way Cena is leaving the WWE.

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