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John Cena Appearing on the Front of Fruity Pebbles Cereal Boxes?

– A photo surfaced online this week of John Cena on the front of a Fruity Pebbles cereal box. WWE hasn’t announced a partnership with Post Cereals yet and there was some speculation that the photo was fan-created.

However, a fan asked Cena on Twitter this weekend if it was ironic that he was featured on the Fruity Pebbles box and he replied, indicating that it is indeed official. There were several other messages on Twitter this weekend hinting that Cena may be appearing on the cereal box for some kind of charity. We hope to have some kind of confirmation soon, whether or not Cena really is on the front of the box. Cena wrote back to the fan:

“Ironic? No. Turning a negative into a positive ..yes. rise above hate. By the way…I love fruity pebbles.”

  • Tombstonepiledriver

    @MaNic How many times are you gonna repeat that same ol tired crap?

    If Cena can make money for charity then more power to him, I for one will not be ashamed to buy a box. BTW I am a male, straight and over 30. So those of you who say his fans are either kids, school girls or gay well I just proved you wrong.

  • me
  • Peep this

    From boots to assess the rock just did him a favor and booted his face to a fruity pebbles box. By the way I ain’t ate a box of pebbles since the 80s. Who eats that crap any more

  • MaNic

    your reverse psychology dont work cena you know that 35-40 kids/girls screaming lets go cena and 15,000+ men screaming cena sucks gets to you.

  • Gary

    Tyler, then you dont understand true wrestling marks

  • Tyler(:

    @Shawn if people don’t buy fruity pebbles because Cena’s on the box then they’re pathetic.. – Oh no, It’s got Cena on the front, I’mma not get these incase I wanna keep da box! – Stupid.

  • shawn

    it would be entirely wwes fault if people dont buy some fruity pebbles because of cena. off they go with a charity organization to help the image of both multi-million dollar corporations. iii really dont want to care about that in the morning. cocoa mfers.

  • Mark

    @Gary Very true

  • Gary

    Jay, smoke a joint, wait 30 mins, eat a bowl, and youll understand why ANYONE over 12 eats this stuff

  • Jay

    Fruity Pebbles is one of the nastiest cereals. I can’t believe people eat that unhealthy crap

  • Imagine going thru the checkout buying those with cena on the box, the cashier would laugh in your face if your over the age of 6

  • Gary

    i mean this is vintage WWE, if a saying or something gets huge, its money in they pockets…but WWE gna piss off some grownn ups who eat fruity pubbels…Marks are gna get pissed and boycott

  • BlaH

    my bad I didn’t seee the C word. But still I have no problems with Cena doing it.

  • BlaH

    get that paper John Boy
    I ain’t mad at ‘cha at all

  • Gary

    thats how u turn nothing into something…..

  • deva

    they should come out with “fruity fags” as in a nice fruit like tasting cigarette

  • ogitchida

    I bet he really does love fruity pebbles—LAME !!!

  • Chryogenos

    lol, “Fruity Fags”

  • are they changing the name now to fruity fags too?

  • Bill

    I’d rather have the people’s edition.