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- According to his Twitter page, John Cena will be at RAW next week visiting old friends in Louisville and hopes “the rest of nexass has the guts to show up as well.”

- Chris Jericho is one of the candidates for the best celebrity mugshot in “The TMZZYs” awards casting on TMZ. Vote for him here.

- Paul Heyman’s autobiography’s The Heyman Hustle: Wrestling’s Most Extreme Promoter Tells All is scheduled for release on July 19th next year. Heyman is also working on Brock Lesnar’s autobiography at the moment.

Partial Credit – PWInsider.com

  • Whatever

    Damkat has a point, they wont let john miss raw for any reason, to vince hes money and Jim is right how can john jump over the rail and go backstage if he is fired logically, but cena did have a point on raw when he said that the “sucurity” likes him but hate nexus cuz NEXUS did the same thing john did when they first arrive at the scence so john is just returning the favor. but like yall said the writers dont have a brain and when did they have one, but at least raw is startin to shape up a little with miz as champ

  • damkat

    why is everyone trying to analysis this. Anyone who watches WWE knows they are not going to let John miss a raw he is the reason all the kids like the show, and sells a s-load of merchandise. I do agree that any writer with half a brain could come up with a better way to have him show up every week but of course the writers in WWE do not need to have a brain…we all know that already…lol

  • Jason L

    ^ TTTT not TTTP

  • Jason L

    And he’s gonna be at Tribute To The Troops as well .. but then again TTTP is basically storyline free.

  • jim

    you are right butter he did buy tickets..so in that case are all fans who buy tickets allowed to go back stage and jump the rails as well??it still kills the logic tickets or no tickets he is still getting promo time in front of a camera..and the security is supposedly on his side.

  • Buttercastle

    @Jim well he did buy tickets, and as the old saying goes the customer is always right! :P

  • mikey412

    nexass? how is this PG?

  • jim

    cena is fired yet he shows up for raw 2 weeks in a row..there are so many loop holes in this angle its ridiculous..the security wouldnt remove cena because they dont like nexus..so by thta logic when i show up to work tomorrow if i dont like something i dont have to do it and will still keep a job.lmao

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