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John Cena Claims to be “Lifetime Drug Free” in Response to MLB Steroid Suspensions

— In light of the week’s big story on Major League Baseball players being suspended for using Performance Enhancing Drugs, John Cena took took to Twitter and claimed to be “lifetime drug free” in this area.

On Ryan Braun (former MVP) being suspended for the reason of the season, Cena tweeted:

“Hats off to MLB for putting their foot down against PEDs @SportsCenter @ESPN looks like more headlines on horizon. #playitclean.”

Minutes after his tweet, Cena received a flurry of messages about the history of steroid and PED use in the wrestling industry. He responded with this:

“Wow PEDs are quite the topic, lots of Qs 1 tweet will clear it up, yes #Iliftbro @MLB some action > none,” Cena replied. “I am LIFETIME drug free #playitclean.”

Cena concluded, “Remember ladies and gents ‘there is NO substitute for hard work!’ It’s a nice CLEAN snatch!!! #playitclean.”

  • ddfindl

    That is an out right LIE! Cena has implicitly stated in an interview in the past that he’s done steroids.

  • Solid

    “This is a crazy question and it’s something that, um, it’s tough to answer just because of the way society is now; the way people conceive things because performance enhancing drugs have got the spotlight and it’s a hot thing to talk about. I can’t tell you that I haven’t but you’ll never be able to prove that I have.”

    from an interview cena did with cnn a few years ago.

    and before the defenders get in with ” its not in context or was edited” why didnt cena / wwe sue them for defamation?



    Hell Lance Armstrong swore blind for years he was clean, and look what happened when the doping agency caught up with him, but…

    I’d love to see who passes/fails if someone other than WWE were to do surprise testing. Not that it would ever happen, they’re “entertainers” after all, not athletes according to WWE.

  • Jack

    I’m calling BS on Cena being clean.