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John Cena & CM Punk Tie for Most Rumble Eliminations – More 2011 Stats

– CM Punk and John Cena tied for the most eliminations in last night’s Royal Rumble main event with 7 each. Nexus as a group had 10 total eliminations. The following is a list of number of eliminations from last night, with assists included:

* CM Punk – 7
* John Cena – 7
* Michael McGillicutty – 4
* Randy Orton – 3
* Husky Harris – 3
* Daniel Bryan – 2
* Mark Henry – 2
* Rey Mysterio – 2
* Wade Barrett – 2
* Alberto Del Rio – 2
* Mason Ryan – 2
* Big Show – 2
* David Otunga – 2
* Ted DiBiase Jr. – 1
* The Great Khali – 1
* Sheamus – 1
* Kofi Kingston – 1
* Ezekiel Jackson – 1
* Kane – 1

The Miz, who was not an entrant in the match, had one elimination – John Cena.

Source: PWInsider

  • CM Mark

    Oh and misfit, don’t talk to me about smart until you can learn to form a complete sentence.

  • CM Mark

    No you’re the bloody idiot mate. Apparently no one here can have an opinion other than you. And if I am not mistaken there were more people that agreed with my opinion than your random insults. Who’s a troll again mate? I tink that would be you. Do you even have an opinion or do you just go around mocking everyone else. Bugger off pissant.

  • misfit

    Rich your an idiot, dos caras err del rio, can go that arm bar is a legit hold that you can put on anyone, and actually make em’ submit, all this crap I hear about pushong new talent and when they do, you still complain, let’s see del rio, can talk on the mic ( drew can’t), he’s a great wrestler, can garner a ton of heat, what the phuck else do you want????, damn no one can please you idiots. Lesnar got a massive push when he debuted, or have we forgotten about that, as did sheamus, and drew, if I recall all 3 of those guys have held titles a lot sonner the del rio has, its funny how we have selective mmories, whe its convinient to our opinions.

  • Rich

    @ramses 2..fuck del rio..king sheamus or mcintyre or john morrison should have won..hell it would have been funny if santino won the royal rumble then everybody on this site would be happy..del rio sucks big time and hes only been in the wwe for a short time and hes getting pushed..del rio is no sheamus or mcintyre..or brock lesnar who got pushed in just a few months..del rio has one lousy arm breaker finisher.

  • Adam

    @yechiel What if that “pathetic geezer” returns and gets put in the chamber? BTW, the “pathetic geezer” you should really make fun of is Hulk Hogan. Just saying.

  • yechiel{israel}

    i hope they don’t put cena and hhh in the chamber,it would suck big time.

  • RAMSES 2


  • Bitex

    @ Joe
    “The following is a list of number of eliminations from last night, with assists included:”

    Notice the latter part: With assists included:
    so for example, those 2 eliminated by Otunga may have been included in Punk’s numbers if they both helped each other in eliminating the wrestler at the same time!

  • misfit

    @ cm mark, how is it that punk was made to look the strongest and is going to start a feud wth orton, yet he got screwed?, jesus your a whiny ass little troll, do us all a favor a shut the phucck up, until you have something smart to say

  • Snark Mark

    “The Miz, who was not an entrant in the match, had one elimination – John Cena, which is worth 10pts. AWESOME”

  • Joe

    There is some fuzzy math here:
    “Nexus as a group had 10 total eliminations.

    * CM Punk – 7
    * Michael McGillicutty – 4
    * Husky Harris – 3
    * Mason Ryan – 2
    * David Otunga – 2”

    Without Punk, that’s 11 eliminations, with Punk, the leader of Nexus, that’s 18.


    elimination chamber should be fun.

    has any champion ever retained at this event.

  • sean

    it’s funny that the winner only had two eliminations

  • KGM Da Master


    Younger talent? Lmao, people and this push the younger talent thing has gotten out of hand… CM Punk is old or something……CM Mark is completely right! There’s no point in doing this MEGA push for CM Punk if it’s going to result in a Nexus vs. The Corre match at Wrestlemania. The Corre is stupid and a watered down version of the Nexus of last year. WWE writers are slipping but I love the fact that McGuillicutty is the next closest person to Punk and Cena with 4 eliminations! Mr. Perfection should be his name like his father…..he is the future of Raw and rightfully so. Del Rio is a glimpse of what could come for the future of heels but not now. Can’t wait to see what happens on Raw! Peace KGM

  • Unique

    @CM Mark
    Ummmm maybe he’s there to help the other guys out a little. Maybe he’s not as selfish as you seem to think he is! I take it your a big fan … as am I. But i think its great that he has been picked to help out with elevating some of the younger guys.

  • CM Mark

    Punk got screwed again. Why do they even bother with the nexus storyline if Punk doesn’t get anything out of it. I swear to god WWE creative is a bunch of god damn morons.