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John Cena comments on ‘burying’ the Nexus

John Cnea

The Nexus angle was arguably one of the hottest things going in the WWE before they lost in a match against team John Cena at the SummerSlam 2010.

Due to the reputation of ‘burying talents’ and the fact that several former Nexus members have blamed him for the defeat, many believe it was The leader Of Cenation who decided that Nexus would lose.

However, during a recent Q&A session, Cena was asked about the decision to not put over the team of the former NXT Stars, answering to which the 16 Time World Champion said this:

“I show up to work and do what I’m told. I will give you the gratification of this: I don’t pick how the story is told, I get told that. But I do pick what goes on in the story. In that particular moment, it was too much. I think if presented in another way, it could have been a little more palatable. But I can’t change the television show, I’ve never had that power and that’s something I don’t do.”

It’s worth noting here that Nexus took on Team Cena in a 7 on 7 elimination match at SummerSlam 2010. In the match, Cena was the last remaining member of his team while Justin Gabriel and Wade Barret were the survivors on Nexus’ side.

However, John managed to defy the odds and he went on to win the match for his team. Many believe that this defeat cost Nexus their momentum and it was the starting point of their end.

  • CC

    If you listen to comments from other people in that match like Jericho, Edge and Barrett, Cena did have some say in it, and he did not think Nexus should triumph. And according to Jericho, who is usually one of those guys you can take at his word, he and Edge both felt it was wrong for the Nexus to lose but were shot down by Cena. But later on he came to them and admitted he was wrong, and Nexus should have gone over.

    In an instance like this, what does Jericho gain from lying? He has no axe to grind with Cena, and it fits in perfectly with other stories about how much pull Cena has.
    The call came from Vince no doubt, but I would lay odds on the fact that Cena played a part in pushing him in that direction.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    I’m sure though, that if he wants a match go end or go a certain way, he has the power to do it. Can’t say if he does, but I’m sure he easily can and probably us in some form or fashion.