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John Cena Comments on Kane, Update on WWE Legends House, GI Joe 2 Trailer

– Below is the first trailer for GI Joe 2 with The Rock:

– This week’s promo for Legends House on the WWE Network suggested that Hall of Famer Mean Gene Okerlund will be a part of the show.

– John Cena wrote the following on Twitter after being attacked by Kane last night on RAW:

“cena Somebody get a license plate on that big red truck that ran me over last night?”

  • nznumber 1

    ever thought it may be the guy who won tough enough he good pull of kane….

  • CenaSucks

    Its obviously the real Kane.

    Glen Jacobs is is quite muscular but also a little, tubby, not fat just not totallly ripped, and you could that with the way Masked Kanes torso was

    Oh and GI Joe looks freaking awesome.

  • Soulshroude

    Didn’t notice the scar on his right arm. Cross reference that scar with the unmasked kane. Taker would be hard to cover the sleave tatts that cover his arms. Anybody ever think that Kane could loose weight? Duh.

  • marc

    Sigh…if Cena wasn’t so corny maybe he wouldn’t get booed all the time. He can’t keep a straight face when he’s trying to be serious. And he overacts like nobody’s business.

  • I got the licence plate cena!, it read YOU-JUST-GOT-OWNED

  • Centerman

    Bruce Willis is OK, but I’d have sh*t brick if it had been Christopher Walken.

  • Nicholas G

    Not going to debate that it is the real or fake Kane. Why because you have to be a moron to think it was a fake Kane. As for Cena getting run over. Sorry Cena wrong place wrong time. Gee I wonder who Mark Henry is facing at the Royal Rumble if he wins Sunday.

  • Mordecai

    Look up some recent photos of Kane with his wife. He was growing his beard out again, and starting to grow his hair back. He looks like he’s in the best shape he’s ever been in awhile. I would imagine he’s probably using hair extensions until he fully grows his hair back.


    @Philly655 You are crazy blimd if you couldnt tell that was the real Kane

  • Graham

    Some cock at work spoilt it for me with spoilers but he looks awesome.

    I can understand with people saying hes fake, hes not as big etc but god he looks scary and that music is brilliant.

  • Whatever

    yeah it was the real kane, that was clear, who says it was not is just a dumbass…
    but yeah! masked kane is back!
    don’t screw this wwe! just don’t!

  • AttitudePl0x

    Anyone with a working set of eyes can see last night’s “KANE” physically match “THE REAL” Kane’s physique AND facial features.
    Go cleanse your eyes out and look up Masked Kane’s old photos before noobing all over about some shet you have no idea about

  • nick

    it was THE kane, after his near 13 yrs as kane its obvious to see its the real one. check the eyes doubters

  • Philly655

    errrr… yes they would, anyone with a working set of eyes can see last nights “KANE” physically doesnt match “THE REAL” Kane’s physique or facial features e.g. takers aging face and greying ginger beard…. its there for all to see on

  • JIR

    Finding it funny that some people are debating if its a fake kane or the real kane its obvious even the WWE wouldn’t use the real vs fake storyline back to back. Just sit back and enjoy the ride