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John Cena Comments on Kissing AJ, Slater & McIntyre at NXT, Kelly Kelly Note

– Former WWE Diva Kelly Kelly posted a photo the following photo from a recent photoshoot on her Twitter account:

Barbie Blank@TheBarbieBlank
Another pic from new photo shoot! ????

New Kelly Kelly Photo from Latest Photo Shoot

– 3MB members Heath Slater and Drew McIntyre will be appearingat this Friday’s NXT live event at Largo Minnreg Hall in Largo, Florida.

– John Cena commented on kissing AJ Lee on last night’s episode of RAW on Twitter.

“Many mixed opinions of a kiss last night. My apologies, my emotions got the best of me and 1moment overshadowed a gr8 match. Never again. @WWE my focus is where it should be @HEELZiggler and then the WWE championship… I will do my best to keep my personal life…personal. #10yearsstrong”

  • hf part two

    Kelly kelly is a plain faced bitch.

  • Tombstone

    @bigDEVO—–Um I mean @beautifulga—–um Sorry I mean @gettingverymad One can only hope that some day soon you will run out of ideas for new screen names.

  • Unique

    Ummm you guys do understand that this is a storyline right? It is business. Someone wrote this and told them to say it. I thought everyone that can sit at a keyboard knew wrestling was scripted. Apparently not. Back to to momma’s basement boys.

  • gettingverymad

    i dont care if anyone likes my comments or hates them i dont care
    but business is business like i said before no one should bring their personal lives into their work lives, john cena is starting to realize that, aj lee needs to focus more on her job and keep her impulses under control did it ever occur to anyone that Vickie Guerrero was right about that when she said aj lee needs to control her impulses for once i agree with Vickie Guerrero seems like aj lee is the one who is really fraternizing with the wwe superstars and not vickie guerrero,

  • Dr Killiwiggles

    I think it would be cool if A.J admitted that Ziggler was right all along, and that she did have feelings for him. Also, that could be a way to break Ziggler away from Vickie, and have Flair come in as his manager (as long as he isn’t the manager of raw)

  • gettingverymad

    i think that john cena and aj lee need to focus more on their wrestling careers and keep their personal lives separate from their working lives, because business and pleasure do not mix dating on the job, story line or not does not mix people watch monday night raw whether its at home or live in person to watch the wrestling matchings

  • Seth

    I really dislike the AJ and Cena angle. I don’t dislike either of them individually. I just feel uncomfortable watching Cena kiss anyone so fresh off of his split from his wife.

  • Cropsy

    dafuq I just read?

  • Unique

    Apacaveli….. Do you like boys?

  • Apacaveli

    john cena sucks at kissing i could of kissed aj lee better then him.and another thing is john cena aint nothing but a spotlight glory hog trying to get the wwe title back give it up pass the torch let someone shine.because john cena’s title reign was boring so your time is up because i’v cenanuff…

  • John Cena

    How did W-E know I also kissed Slater and McIntyre?