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John Cena Comments on RAW, Ryback-Heyman Video, More

– We noted before that Ryback had getting Paul Heyman up at a RAW live event over the weekend. That video is embedded below and the spot with Heyman begins around 5:40. A fan tweeted it to Bill Goldberg and Goldberg replied, “NOW comparisons offend me.”

– WWE RAW was the #1 trending TV show on Get Glue last night.

– After giving him a non-title win over United States Champion Antonio Cesaro on last night’s RAW, it appears Justin Gabriel is headed for a singles push of some kind. Before last night’s win, Gabriel had lost 12 TV/pay-per-view matches in a row. Gabriel posted a Tout video last night asking Cesaro for a title shot.

– John Cena tweeted the following early this morning about RAW last night:

“Bitter sweet #RAW last night as 1)medically i can get back to @wwe but 2) @WWEAJLee was forced to resign. #bringbackAJ”

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  • DiamondSkye

    YouTube will always kill a video that the WWE doesn’t want shown. It’s a dead link. Anybody know where it’s still actively posted?

  • adam

    The fact that ryback is strugling to pull this move off shows maybe they should change his finsher back to the backpack stunner i mean it still looks like a powerful effective move. If he is worn out and he doesnt wrestle that long of matches anyways the hell in a cell match is going to be awful. This is proof why he shouldnt be in the main event he is not ready just let him fight jobbers again that is what he was suited for and good at.

  • WOW

    People can cry sandbag all they want but Ryback is close to 300 pounds….He is built as a Monster…Struggling to get guys up regardless of the reason can not happen on this regularity. You know what happens if Tensai or Heyman sandbagged somebody like Brock? He’d pick their fat ass up anyway. Same goes for Cena, Goldberg and any other “muscle” when size and strength is your gimmick and you struggle it may be time for a new finisher.

    As somebody else said it could be stamina but that again is a Ryback problem. He isn’t in ring shape and 5 minute squashes are not going to help. God help him in the HIAC. If the match goes 30 minutes he might not even be able to pick up Punk lol

  • Anon


    They were in a corner, really.

    They need to make Ryback look as strong as humanly (and even inhumanly) possible leading up to the HIAC match so people can take him seriously. Unfortunately, Punk has suffered cause of this, as has the Miz to an extent.

    Punk can easily get his heat back though, and he’ll more than likely be keeping the title at HIAC, so he’ll instantly look that much bigger by knocking off the guy who got the best of him time & time again.

  • I guess cena love crazy chicks 1st it was mickie james and now it is aj lee lol.

  • Nick

    I think what the problem is that Ryback is already tired from a long match and than has to lift a 280 pound man. I think if they want Ryback to hit Shell Shock on Heyman, have him do it at the beginning of the match, or close to the begining of the match

  • ice-cream bar superstar

    ^^^^wwe doesn’t know how to make a heel champion not look like a bitch. If you’re small, then you’re a bitch.

  • Bastion Booger

    While I think the match will be decent (because CM Punk can have a decent match with a paper bag) I have not liked the way they have made Punk look during the build up to the match. They have made him look far too weak and scared. He is the champ he should never look this weak. I know Ryback is supposed to be a monster and stuff but still you can build it with him still being a monster and not having Punk look like a bitch

  • Warriors Armpit

    heymans sandbagging him!!! lol