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John Cena Cuts a Promo After Last Night’s RAW Supershow in Boston

– After last night’s WWE RAW Supershow in Boston, John Cena cut a promo about his younger brother recovering from having cancer surgery. Cena said he was so happy that he was going to drink Jack Daniels and eat some Kung Pao Chicken. The moment was described as a real feel good moment and the hometown crowd popped big.

Cena has been dealing with his brother’s health privately over the past few months.

Source: PWInsider

  • Devil_Rising

    either way iwc community mean fuck all to wwe, cena, vkm. they just look at iwc as fail punks who sit hating whilst who theyr hating against get paid millions, live lives of luxury whilst iwc hates, works proper jobs, not earning fraction of what wwe stars do

  • Nicholas

    When you read the crap that some moron write on the internet specially when it comes to making fun of Cena brother then you see why pro wrestlers hates the internet. I don’t hate any wrestler heck I don’t hate period. I respect John Cena so much for being true to himself. To me over this past year he has really grown on me no not on Cena fan club but he has earn my respect. But as far as the internet fans the ones who hate has no end you will never have anyone respect.

  • This is nuts. The summary above doesn’t completely describe what happened last night, there was way more to it. Cena wasn’t using his brother to get over with us – he was just having a very real moment, talking to the fans. He got emotional and spoke about why that arena was so special to him. He mentioned the last time Raw was there in November is when he found out about his brother, and then last night when he came back he found out that his brother was responding to treatments.

    You have to remember that these are real people – they are allowed to be. Its not always about storylines.

  • Ho Lee Schitt

    no one said they hated cena’s brother.

  • Gorilla

    Wow ppl hating on a person who recoverd from cancer really

  • b c Mitchell

    Rock was not the sole reason for high ratings back in the day can we all please stop acting like he alone carried the attitude era. He was the number 2 guy behind Austin. Lets also not confuse Rocks wrestling skill please. Rock has his own little 5 moves of doom shit and nit much else. So lets try to remember that. Plus I personally thought it was sad last week that Rock was pandering to the crowd. Its cool when they chant on their own but not when you get up there and practically beg them to in order to feed your own ego. Rock is one of the all time greats but I’m sick of the rose colored view of him. He was not the best wrestler and his gay bashing homophobic quotes are fuckin old. Rock your 40 get out of the frat house please. He’s honestly no better than Cena. Same tired ass moves. Same tired ass eyebrow. Same tired ass catchphrases. Only difference is Rock says bitch and ass a bunch. So he’s cool

  • ogitchida

    and @Antoine How many times does Raw or any type of WWE programing come to Boston per year ??… do you know the answer ?? probably not…something around 4 or more times a year…… and not to sound un-caring(cancer is serious) but the fuck(Cena’s brother) has had 10 YEARS, well over 40 times to come and watch his brother wrestle live, and thats not counting other events he would fly them out to… so using your brothers real life health issues to STILL try and get over with the fans in boston or on a T.V. show equals WEAK !!! your persona is what is suppose to get you over, not sympathy…… but as interesting as i think it would be, unfortunately, i dont think we are gunna see a Cena heel turn anytime soon…… maybe when WWE’s PG contract is up with the USA network hahaha, well we can all hope cant we…

  • Ho Lee Schitt

    i think they are actually trying to get cena over with the rest of the fans by having him trying to make the rock look stupid and defeating him at wm. as much as it sucks to say i dont see a heel turn any time soon.

  • Ho Lee Schitt

    @JipC i agree. the whole story line is trash tho the rock has been very entertaining.

  • ogitchida

    I think its funny how they always say Cena is supposedly dealing with some type of issues “privately” … every other month it something new with his ass…. personally i think they are STILL trying to get Cena over because lets face it…. the only people that care for Cena are all those little jimmys…. us none PG fans wont care for his ass till he does something new and actually interesting, e.g. HEEL TURN ALREADY !!!!!!….. FUCK !!!… i know this is off script but got damn, even Rey Mysterio(whenever he comes back) could REALLY REALLY use something new.. the “face” shit is just old…. BEEN OLD.

  • Mabry

    Some people is so pickie some times….

  • I’m with SUPERstar on this; he’s been dealing with it privately for quite some time and is now choosing to make it public. Why the big deal?

  • Devil_Rising

    Lets go Cena, ROCKY SUCKS 😀

  • JipC

    This storyline is so corny. Oh I’m the better employee and you write on your wrist even though the superstar of the year cmPunk wrote his whole “shoot” promo on his taped arms. It’s such a bad work, if rock wanted to bury Cena all he wud have 2 say is how bad a wrestler cena is and how he has 5 moves and all his matches end the same way. And how when Rock wrestled 8.5mil ppl watched and now were down to 4.5mil cuz of Cena’s garbage ass. Period. Makes me sick Rock is gonna job to this joke at mania

  • Antoine

    u guys r such jerks the guys happy that his brother was able to see him in there hometown and that hes healthy and u guys can only see the negative u guys make me sick

  • ice-cream bar SUPERstar

    It was after the show ended, I dont see why he cant mention it.

  • Ho Lee Schitt

    i know, right? if hes been dealing with it privately then why not keep it private? its going to suck seeing cena defeating the rock.

  • Titan

    Using his brother’s health to get over with the “WWE UNIVERSE”??? Fail