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John Cena Discusses CM Punk, The Rock and WWE Money in the Bank

– WWE Champion John Cena has a new interview with The Chicago Tribune to promote Sunday’s Money in the Bank pay-per-view. Here are some highlights:

The Chicago crowd:
“Chicago fans greeted me with a ‘(Expletive) you, Cena’ chant. Chicago fans cheer and boo who they want. They’re great fans whether they like me or not. They show you how they feel. I don’t like crowds that sit on their hands.”

Punk being upset about The Rock main eventing WrestleMania:
“Here’s a guy (Punk) who literally is a pure-bred wrestler, who loves the business and loves being able to go out and compete. I can understand his frustration. But you can’t ignore the attraction of The Rock being involved.”

Being critical against The Rock for leaving and not Punk:
“I know he’s not going to leave wrestling. He’s leaving WWE. There’s a difference. CM Punk doesn’t feel he’s been treated properly in WWE. We’ve had this problem before. MVP was another one who felt he wasn’t treated well and has gone on to have a prolific career in Japan. Same with A-Train. I have more respect for a guy who leaves the company to better himself in another territory. But all roads lead back to Rome. If you’re successful, you’ll find your way back.”

  • Prodigy

    @Tyson How did you assume that from what I said? I was just saying why Cena feels the way he does towards The Rock.

  • rocky sucks

    cena is preaching to the choir. we all feel bad for punk and disgusted by the sold out punked ass rock. i don’t like cena but the rock suckes millions{and millions!!!!} times more.

  • Tyson

    @Prodigy Yet if the rock had fully came back to wrestling u would be one of those fans who complain on y no one else is getting a push.

  • CenaSucks

    Cena is complete hypocrit. He says its fine for Punk because he wont quit wrestling yet constantly bullshits about himself being loyal to the BRAND OF WWE. Yet Rock leaves WWE doesnt go anywhere else , and he isnt loyal ? Fuck off Cena

    Btw guys rocky just made a response video on whosay or whatever

  • Prodigy

    @CC Well the difference with the situation with The Rock is that he claims to be all about the WWE fans and promised never to leave and all that bull. Yet hasn’t been seen anything WWE related in the last few months. That is why Cena has a problem with The Rock. If you are going to be an actor. Fine, but don’t BS the wrestling fans.


    Oh Emerson dont lie you know you are going to watch it. dont put up a front. That goes for everybody else who wants to talk out of their ass about that!

  • Emerson

    I am not really a cena fan but he is kinda dead on about the rock, The rock left to make his wallet fatter and he abondoned the wwe because it hindered that career, nobody wanted to make a movie featuring “that wwe guy” itleast punk and MVP left to persue wrestling elsewhere and didn’t leave to go try and act and make false promises about coming back. I really could care less about rock vs cena next year because they’re just gonna rehash the same crap the said during this past wrestlemania.

  • CC

    “I have more respect for a guy who leaves the company to better himself in another territory.”
    Yet he cant work out that that is exactly what The Rock did. The only difference was the “territory” wasnt wrestling, but Hollywood and movies.
    Why the fuck does someone have to devote their whole life to a single thing when they have other interests as well?

    Cena needs to get over this fucking “wrestling or die” mentality that he has.
    Its easy to say someone sold out when you dont have the talent to go elsewhere.