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- MVP won his first IWGP Intercontinental Title defense yesterday in Japan, defeating Toru Yano in a rematch from last month’s tournament finals where MVP was crowned champion. Also in action at yesterday’s New Japan Pro Wrestling Dominion pay-per-view was former WWE star Lance Hoyt and Brian Kendrick, making a surprise appearance.

- Skip Sheffield was spotted in Tampa, Florida this weekend on crutches and one of his legs in a cast. Sheffield recently had another round of surgery and is expected to be back in action sometime this year.

- John Cena wrote the following on Twitter yesterday, in response to The Rock posting a photo of Disney’s Goofy last week and relating it to Cena:

“Just saw this from my good buddy Dwayne. Had the same disney vacation booked but i’d rather be showing up at wwe events to perform for team bring it. The team shows up. The captain ….. well…. he’s at disney. Making goofy faces…..with….goofy. So if you are keeping score…John Cena has been to 40 wwe events since WM. Dwayne Johnson 1. Hmmmm doesn’t seem like a guy who’s nvr leavin”

  • travis

    Its just a storyline ppl theres ppl in the back telling them what to say and the tweeter thing is just to keep ppl in it until next year


    Cena doesnt think that if the Rock was at every show Cena would not be the #1 guy anymore so quit your crying you sound stupid!


    I’m sick of Cena dissing Rock and Rock dissing Cena! They’re both faces so what is the damn point!! It doesn’t matter if Rock isn’t on TV every Monday, they’ve already made the match for WM28 (which was a bit premature, IMO), but if one of them doesn’t turn heel, then what the hell is this beef about? Is Rock jealous of Cena? Is Cena jealous of Rock? WWE better think of something before WM, or they’re BOTH going to lose credibility with the fans.

  • Buddy

    people, read venom’s comment! seriously – i think he and i are the only ones on here who realize it’s probably a STORYLINE to garnish heat over the next year before WM28!

  • genocide_cutter

    Damn what did Skip do to his leg

  • Bill

    Ok, Cena’s joke is getting stale. Maybe he respects the Rock & is trying to go lightly with the insults.

  • Ronni

    any reason why Cena’s thuganomics gimmick didnt last from 03? that was the only time he was worth watching on tv

  • JIR

    Yes Cena is there every show just sucking Rock comes in and rips him a new one and lets him heal and go back to the same old and stale character even when Rock was there full time he was never stale

  • shawn

    wow guys, wow. dont take it seriously. the wwe is trying to hype a match for next year by using social networking. i hope some of you are suspending disbelief talking trash like you suspend disbelief watching “sports entertainment”.


    Not surprised at people bashing the rock tb, these are morons who didnt start watching wrestling till 2005 so missed the near decade of rock whooping ass and being one of the top guys in the greatest era of wrestling in history. Well done Cena, you showed up every week LIKE THE ROCK DID WHEN HE WAS FULL TIME THERE. Difference is, Rock created one of the greatest era in history, Cena has made millions quit watching. Rock got the highest rating of the year, 10 years after his prime and came back to CENAS ERA and got the fans to turn on Cena just like that

  • Saintsman

    Indeed. Taker is still here, u don’t see him all the time. HHH is still here, don’t see him all the time. Rock said he wasn’t going away. And he’s not gone. He’s scheduled to wrestle Cena at Mania. and when the final stretch to that day comes, i expect Rock to be back more often. it would just spoil the whole thing is they spent the next 9-10 months with call outs and backstage showdowns. rock is funny, but if he has to come out every night and rib on Cena til Mania. it would just be tacky. his material would suffer. He’ll basically end up john Cena 2.0

  • Ray

    The Rock has done things Cena can never do. The ROck has been places, Cena will never go. The Rock is simply better than John Cena and that is a fact that will never change.

    He has paid his dues and gone way beyond the call of a superstar. He owes nothing to us but still is going to juggle two careers for us, the fans. Not to mention to all you haters that he -had- movies coming out and obligations PRIOR to coming back for Wrestlemania. Fast and Furious was one of them.

    He can’t just drop everything else to come back and perform. But I’m quite confident after he gets his shit straight, we’ll see him back a lot more often if not on a regular week-to-week basis. Or a limited schedule like HBK.

    Cena? Is pathetic. He may be there more often but there ain’t a damn person besides the little brats that want him there. He is the reason the WWE is the way it is. The little voice in McMahon’s ear that took us into this bullshit PG era.

    He’s a fake bitch with a dull personality, monotonous voice and a worn-out moveset that leaves us yawning.

    Basically, let me put it like this:

    “John Cena? Gets ahead by sucking off McMahons. The Rock? HE got to where he is because of the MILLIONS….. AND MILLIONS of his fans.”

  • mickey mulvey

    is it jus me or has the rock been at 2 wwe events since mania (nite after mania, and his birthday bash) sure super cena shud kno tht, or maybe he shud go bk to primary school with 90% of his fans n learn to count

  • adam tarasievich

    then he shouldnt of said i will never leave again. He should of said well im going to show up when its convient for me you will see me every once in a while but i will only wrestle one match probably lose to cena because they wont put the title on me because i wont stick around.

  • ash

    cena is sol old and so corny he is hard to watch all the time cenas been on 40 shows and rock has apparently been on 1 but the rock has had bigger impact on that one then cena has on 40 so ide say rock is winning i am a proud member of team bring it i love you rockxx

  • Cody

    Some of you people make me laugh with your stupidity. A lot of you obviously took the “I will never leave again” comment to be that he was going to work with the WWE on a full time schedule. The fact of the matter is he is not contracted to WWE. He clearly meant that he would make an appearance here and there when his schedule allows rather than wait 7 years before another appearance. If you took it any other way then that is a you problem. The Rock has done his time in the WWE and he owes the fans absolutely nothing. Anybody who thinks differently just doesn’t get it and never will.

  • Saintsman

    just go on youtube. put on the rocks funniest moments. then put on Cena’s funniest moments. Compare the two. Look over them a second or third time. You will see for yourself that the Rock entertained the crowd. Cena just pisses everyone off by being cheesy, not knowing how the wrestle, and being even more cheesy. he strikes gold with something funny once every blue moon. Rock did it every night. Rock isn’t on TV because he would make u ignore everyone else, much like u do when he does show up. Already, next year at mania. nobody cares about anything but Rock vs Cena. We don’t care about Royal Rumble results and who will compete against Randy Orton (a.k.a. New Cena). And we won’t. Cena and Rock is all that matters. When Rock wrestled, we had Austin and super heel Triple H. Had tag teams and an I.C. division. made short, when Rock was here, all the championships mattered. if the entire brand of wrestling was built around me. i’de be there every night too, no matter how lame things were.

  • Sam Peters

    People are saying Rock aint turned up since the Raw straight after WreslteMania…do people forget the whole Birthday bash they done for the Rock

    Cena does work his ass off for the business day in and day out, and i respect the hell out of Cena because of that, its just the fact of this Gimmick at this time being, its too much down our throats, tbh his best time over the last couple years was the whole thing with Nexus

    Rock busted his ass for the WWE when he was under a full contract there, this is Cena’s time of doing it all now, rock done it when he was working for the WWE, but the Rock will be making apperances at some point over the year before Wrestlemania 28…i will hope he will be at SummerSlam this year, cost Cena the title

    the true fact is

    Cena is doing for the company now what rock was doing 7 years ago

    In this Fued, they are both Faces, but Cena is made out to be a heel to everyone above the age of 12, it will be a great occasion at WrestleMania 28…if it turns out to be for the title then Cena will win unless if the rock gets the fire back and wants to come back but gets to work limited schedule which will give him the chance to do movies so he can get the best of both worlds :)

  • shawn

    picture this ladies and gentlemen. cena works his tail off while repeating the same said stuff from now to the road to wrestlemania 28. he loses his title to someone and is very upset. then the rock makes his comback and confronts him which wins the crowd. how would you pen cenas personality if you were a wwe writer huh? yeeeeah…. lets hope anyways if you get me.

  • Camille

    Why should Cena change what he’s saying when it’s spot on?

  • venom

    To everybody bashing he Rock, did you know he is going to wrestle at Mania 28? Then stop complaining.

  • Nate

    Why are people backing up the Rock here? Cena (love him or hate him) does have a point, technically. He has been to shows and the Rock really hasn’t. Old or not…it remains true.

  • John

    Im no fan of Cena but some of you Cena bashers make no sense. You say that Cena has been throwing the same insults at The Rock. But so has The Rock! It’s been the same thing out of both men all year. Rock says Cena only appeals to children and Cena says the Rock is full of s**t when he says he loves the WWE. Honestly both are completly right but don’t bash one and ignore the other.

  • HA!

    What do you expect the rock to do if he showed up at live events all he can do is confront cena and knowing they are not wrestling till nearly a year watching them debate week after week would be bs. Besides with the way cena performs its as if hes just showing up doing 2 of his 4 moves and posing, say what you will about rock but cena was such a non draw they had to bring rock in to make him intresting. His im always here crap is old especially considering rock wrestled when there wasnt a ridiculous list of banned moves and no chairshots and more than 26mins of wrestling just sayin

  • CC

    People seem to forget that while Cena is performing for the fans day in and day out, The Rock has already been there and done it, and in an era when they actually had to work their arse off to compete with WCW.

    Cena can give it all the bullshit he wants about his schedule etc, but if Hollywood was interested in him when his career winds down, he would jump at it.
    The Rock did his time in the ring, just like Austin, and now his career is something else.
    People piss and moan about old farts like Hogan not knowing when to retire, then piss and moan when someone retires before they pass their prime.

    I couldnt care less whether The Rock comes back or not as he gave us some of the best years of wrestling, and will never be looked on as someone who destroyed his career by outlasting his welcome.
    Cena though, being that he has never been that talented will probably be able to wrestle for a lot longer without it changing the dynamic of his matches.

    The weakness of Cenas comebacks in this feud is he totally ignores all the Rock has given over the years, and mocks him for having a comfortable retirement and spending time with family.
    Lets also see if Cena’s life changes at all when he has kids.

  • Damkat

    Gotta say Cena, he may talk the same crap every time he tweets about the rock. However he is right. Rock made the statement “i will never leave again” and has not shown up since the night after WM.. This is not team bring it, it is team leave it behind until payday again. I know Rock is busy but he could show up at Raw like once a month and show the WWE fans that he is mot back in it just for the money and wants to give back to the fans that made him what he is. Cena proves that every night.

  • adam tarasievich

    I kinda agree with cena rock tried to make it seem like he was going to stay and then just like that went away again.

  • Joec316

    Say what u wanna say about cena but he does show up every week and work his butt off unlike the rock who hasn’t been seen in the wwe since the night after raw. Unless the rock comes back full-time or shows up every week,then he needs to quit taken cheap shots at cena. And there is no way he should beat cena at wrestlemania. Truth be told,the rock should be the heel not cena. But because of u dumbass cena haters,cena will be the heel and rock will be the “fan” favorite. I for one will be rooting and cheering for cena at wrestlemania. And by the way,i’ve been a wrsestling fan and watching it since 1985,when I was 5 years old.

  • Elizabeth

    The Rock does the same thing yuhs ppl justa say that becuz yuh know Cena is right I’m not FAN OF CENA but I respect the guy how he debotes his time for the WWE fans

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    BATEZY and Twerks pretty much some everything up here. There seems to be only a few Rock fans that live in reality and don’t spray a load every time he uses his old “Yaba Daba bitch” or “Fruity Pebbles” joke… Yes, OLD. It is alright for Rock to use them but god forbid Cena does…

  • http://www.youtube.com/howdaworldtwerks Twerks

    Its not the same old, same old from Cena, its the same old shit from the Rock. I don’t like Cena, but seriously, you got dilusional Rock fanboys who seem to forget Rocks “charisma” and career were built off of him coming out and yelling the same 3 or 4 catch phrases every week then leaving to do some shit movies. At least Cena shows up (even though I wish he wouldn’t)


    i agree with cena, yas gotta think ,love em or hate him, he shows up every night and competes, where the rick on the other hand, no one is expecting rock to wrestle until wrestlemania, but if he were to make and appearence once a month whether its via satelte or live on raw it would be fine, but it seems if he takes a shot at cena with either FUCKIN fruity pebbles or barneys crap, how doesnt that get old, cena speaks the truth, the rock just says stuff to make fun of cena,not to take amything from the rock but, comon hes better then that

  • The X

    Same jackass lame response from Cena. Trust me, it’s been old for months now. Come up with something else Cena.

  • Goku

    Just what i expected from Cena, If he’s going to be saying the same thing every time, They’re going to have a hard time keeping people interested in Cena. The Rock can deliver but it seem s as if Cena Just can’t.

  • Saintsman

    Back to the same ole same ole i see Cena. gettin real old dude. I wouldn’t Blame Rock for never cming back. he wrestled in a non PG era. nothin here for him now.

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