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John Cena and Elizabeth Huberdeau Reach An Agreement To Settle Divorce

John Cena and ex-wife Elizabeth Huberdeau have come to a settlement in their divorce proceedings, according to

It was previously reported that Huberdeau felt “blindsided” when Cena unexpectedly filed for divorce in May. Huberdeau was convinced the WWE Superstar was unfaithful during their marriage and had vowed to prove it in court. Her attorney Raymond Rafool stated then they were receiving tips of Cena’s extramarital affairs which, if proven true, could have affected their prenuptial agreement.

But now, Rafool tells the former couple have managed to reach a private agreement: “All matters [in the divorce] have been settled and resolved amicably.”

The terms of the settlement are confidential.

  • Cenation Comando

    I dont care what happens, just because hes getting divorced doesnt make him a lowlife. John Cena is a saint! (naw, just kidding) but seriously, why the hell does everyone find it necessary to go on every possible site out there and attack this guy! So he likes the way things are, hes an entertainer, get the fuck over it! Granted the PG rating and the way they are using him do get old and very annoying at times, its not his fault, attack WWE Corporate! Vince and whatever legends are working behind the scenes!

  • john

    even his wife has had enough of cena!! only so much we can take from his PG loving ass!!

  • Ray

    Actually.. when it’s an out of court / private settlement? It’s because the person on Cena’s side of the field feels threatened and wants it kept confidential.

    Think about it.

    Why would this chick who noone knows anything about want things kept private? It’s most likely Cena that wants shit kept on the downlow. Wouldn’t want those Make-A-Wish kids catching wind of their superhero being a super-lowlife or anything. God forbid.

  • Knightcon

    No settlement mean she couldn’t prove anything and with the prenup she was SOL so they settled. She probably didn’t get much that’s why she wanted it confidential

  • W.cares

    Why would she think he was being unfaithful?

    *Looks at “DIVAS” page*

    Oh right

  • No Name Required

    Settling out of court means he’s guilty and she only married him for his money, but I don’t blame him for getting snatch on the road his wife sounds like a nagging cunt.

  • SYM


  • Greatest one

    ^^ Whoever voted red must have at least chuckled.

  • Greatest one

    If he was cheating on his wife, looks like fans aren’t the only ones getting cena “forced down our throats” 8D

  • Robinson

    BC im sure she had something to disprove the prenub so cena probably said fuck it lol

  • mark

    Im glad its been sorted out for him. not a nice thing divorce

  • SusyRko

    Next Monday John Cena will come out with a new shirt ”Risa above divorce”

  • SYM

    I heard they’re getting divorced because Liz stopped buying Fruity Pebbles.

  • Hasan

    I wonder what was in the MITB briefcase.