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John Cena Fighting Off Nasty Illness, HBK & Piper Comment on Punk

– Apparently CM Punk wasn’t the only wrestler in WWE not working at one hundred percent. PWInsider is reporting that John Cena has been fighting off some sort of illness and worked this weekend and last night’s Raw event sick.

– WWE Hall of Famers Shawn Michaels and “Rowdy” Roddy Piper are among those to wish CM Punk a speedy recovery on Twitter.

Shawn Michaels ?@ShawnMichaels
“@mattyms: RT: “…@CMPUNK is having knee surgery. SEND HIM A GET WELL CARD!”– I wish him a speedy recovery!!

Rowdy Roddy Piper ?@R_Roddy_Piper
Heard @CMPunk got hurt! Stay strong Champ. Take your time and get fixed. Don’t rush it!

  • IrishRhyno

    2 Things
    1) That illness is just another thing Cena didn’t sell.
    2)Apacaveli,I bet he can wrestle better than you.

  • Apacaveli

    cena’s fighting off a illness that he cant wrestle for shit hahaha lol.

  • Shay R.

    Is it… the clap? 😀

  • Elizabeth

    AJ gave him something. Lol

  • Will Henderson

    it may had been ether at Survivor Series or Hell in a Cell where Punk got injured, and that explains an no AJ Lee kissing Cena again segment last night, they didn’t want her catching what Cena had.

  • Robinson

    WTF?! When did Punk get hurt?!?!?!

  • CM Punk Mark

    See CM Punk is respected by the legends of this industry. Haters have no clue.