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John Cena Files For Divorce; Wife Hires Linda Hogan’s Attorney

John Cena has filed for divorce from his high school sweetheart and wife of three years, Liz Huberdeau, reports The Miami Herald and The WWE Superstar claims their marriage is “irretrevably broken.”

The couple signed a prenuptial agreement that allows Cena, who possesses assets worth $18 million, the ability to take back all gifts and presents. Huberdeau has already hired powerful Miami attorney Raymond Rafool, who is best known for facing Hulk Hogan in his ugly divorce battle against ex-wife Linda. Rafool allegedly took 70% of the legendary grappler’s assets and Huberdeau reportedly wants a similar take. A source close to the situation told The Miami Herald that this divorce would “dwarf the Hogan divorce in nastiness.”

Rafool released a statement, claiming, “Although it is indeed unfortunate that John Cena decided to divorce his high school sweetheart Liz Cena; particularly, after they have come so far in their lives and in his career together, Liz will and really has no choice but to pursue all of her rights and entitlements.

“Sadly, divorce is not the way Liz thought her perfect love story would end.”

Huberdeau’s attorney adds that Cena “blindsided her” with the divorce filing. They had been having issues as the WWE Superstar approached her recently with a pre-divorce financial settlement agreement that she refused to sign due to her belief the relationship would work out.

  • sennit

    im about as big as an anti-cena fan gets, however, thats just him as a wrestler. I dont understand why his wife feels like she is entitled to any money that he worked for. I dislike people who prove they are in love with money rather than a person.

  • cenaWWE

    He should sign over all his assets to someone he can trust til it’s final….

  • guess john and eve are finally going to take it futher lol

  • Ajd

    Did the rock forsees this in the rock concert on raw??? Etherway dat was funny then this happens. So The Rock was right with Cena and Eve….

  • Jeff

    reverse prince albert

    His wife knew before marrying him what kind of lifestyle he had. She has only herself to blame if she wasn’t able to whistand it.

  • Reverse prince albert

    I wont disagree he has worked hard for his money.. i’m sure if he wasn’t on the road soo damn long his marriage wouldn’t have failed. i’ve prayed for 6 years he takes time off.. its his fault his marriage failed no one elses.. he chose work and money over his wife.. if he didn’t want his marriage to fail he should have spent more time at home. FU cena… couldn’t have happened to a better person, i love this shit 😀

  • eclaSs

    See what the rock did with that song @ the rock concert 2012 on raw…SMH lol

  • The Deadman

    Jason is the biggest bag of Sh*t out there stop lying about working for tna

  • Jason

    So Cena kills himself for the WWE for over a decade and has only made about 25 or so million and now has a networth of only 18 million? JR is worth more than that, fuck Bischoff is worth over 300 million and Cena a guy who has killed himself for the WWE and has had to have made that company at least 500 million is only worth 18 million for them? That is just sad

    Sting has made more than that in TNA in just five years working part time. WTF

  • SYM

    Fuck Cena and Yaw Bitch Asses that Support him

  • Men on a Mission

    Maybe by filing first, she will get less? I’m not sure how that works. One good thing though, it doesn’t sound like there are any children involved. These must be the “personal issues” that Cena was having a few months back…

  • Litahashugeb00bz

    Linda hogan? I’d beat that pussy up

  • Jeff

    how in the blue hell did linda manage to get 70% of Hogan’s assets? On what legal basis?

  • centerman

    A prenuptial agreement is almost always a sign of a failed marriage even before it begins.

  • all american hero

    Go eat a Dick u,

  • JohnCena33

    all american hero

  • JohnCena33

    Sorry for Cena, hope he is okay.

  • blue4everd


  • Soulja17

    wow, I guess if it cant work out with your high school sweetheart, cena is going to be bouncing around between sluts!

  • ##

    Guess we know who Kelly Kelly will soon be dating

  • all american hero

    Wheres that lil bitch cena 33

  • 1919dpg

    she doesn’t deserve a dime of JOHNS MONEY.

    she should receive some money to maintain her for a year to get off her ass but not much else beyond that.

  • kitkrock

    WWE fans: Let’s go Cena
    John’s ex-wife: CENA SUCKS!

  • LSC

    Nash tore a quad reading this

  • Stevie P

    Pre-nup. Damn auto correct!

  • Stevie P

    Cena signed a pre-nip. He is gonna be fine. He won’t lose as much as Hogan did.

  • Disgruntled Wrestling Fan

    While I don’t like Cena’s character in the ring, I have nothing but the utmost respect and admiration for the man that John Cena is outside of the ring. I really hope that nothing out of this divorce taints his character or how we think of him outside of the ring. He gives his heart and soul to this business and I had a feeling that because of this that his marriage wouldn’t work out.

    I hope that Cena sees wrestling as his “mistress” because he spends about just as much if not even more time than the other guys in the back doing what he loves. Here is to hoping that John Cena comes out of this with the same reputation as he did before.

  • Jon-Jon

    Anyone ever listen to Cena’s interview with Howard Stern? He talks about having sex with groupies constantly while he’s on the road, and if these two are high school sweethearts, then that would mean he was cheating on her long before they even got married.

  • moo

    oh shit Cena is fuuuucked, and I don’t blame him because women can turn into crazy bitches after you marry them. remember how nice adrian was to Rocky before the were married then later on it was always “You can’t win!!!!!”, thats marriage!!

  • kane

    If this would “dwarf the Hogan divorce in nastiness”, odds are there is a lot of dirt on both sides. Both could have been cheating for all we know. If you’re not in your bed, that makes room for someone else in your bed. I can’t call either of them names or blame either one of them without more facts though. Hope it works out for both of them. With reports of Vince looking for the next top guy before HHH and Stephanie takes over, Cena’s days at the top are numbered.

  • what?

    The couple signed a prenuptial agreement what part of this don’t you understand i don’t see her getting anything

  • Turn Off The Dark

    @Eddy I’m quite sure Cena’s granted her just about enough wishes, what with the house. and tons of cash. While she sits on her ass at the stoop and doing whatever she wants. Just sayin’.

  • CM Mark

    OH Good, maybe he’ll trun heel finally.

  • No Name Required

    I don’t think she can get anything unless he cheated or hit her

  • Eddy

    maybe if the cocksucker took time off and spent sometime
    with his wife things could be better.Mr Make-A-Wish, why didnt u grant
    her wish and take a month off…nope he wants to stay in the spotlight and the “boys”
    in the back get no shine.
    Keep your chin up Cena.
    u got a fan in me

  • John

    What a bitch? If she ends up getting 70% of more of all that money she didn’t do jack-s##t to earn I will have lost all faith in the system. Cena might be stale but even his haters admit the man works his ass off and deserves what he has. Now this bitch and her scumbag attorney are gonna try to take Cena to the cleaners after busting his ass for 10 years for the wwe. It’s just sad. I hope she dosn’t get a dime.

  • rko

    Also, all of Cena’s female fans around the world will rejoice.

  • rko

    @Bill – Absolutely right. Love women, but they can be a venomous creature.

  • The Killswitch

    OMG, heel turn!

    But in all seriousness, that’s sad news as divorce always is. Best of luck to Cena.

  • Bill

    Cena filed for a pre-nup, so he gets to keep his cash. He’s smarter than Hogan.

  • Turn Off The Dark

    @Prince Yep, that’s my point. He might get screwed. I’m curious to see how this plays out. The one thing he is lucky on is he got a pre-nup. That should save his ass from a gold digger.

  • Jimbo

    Regardless of who is right or wrong, I hope they are both ok and WWE gives Cena time to sort things out.

  • Prince

    @Turn Off The Dark I have a feeling that’s exactly what happened. Since he filed and not her. Too bad. He’ll end up getting robbed of a lot of his hard earned money too.

  • Turn Off The Dark

    How much ya wanna bet, she cheated on him while he was on the road making a very, VERY good living for them both. That’s typical females in this day and age. Most of the time your dog is more loyal than your woman. Hate to hear it. I wish him nothing but the best.

  • Bawb

    Divorce? Just give her an AA.

  • Straight-edge

    how is it blindsided her. did she not know that he is a wrestler. thats what they do when there not wrestling is getting divorced. if she would worked for a living instead of depending on him she wouldn’t have to take his money that he really busted his ass to get. how many torn muscles has she had?

  • Dog316

    I hope she doesn’t get what Hogan’s former bitch got.
    I wonder which diva he’s messing around with though….. Eve? Maybe there was something real within the storyline they played and that’s how she’s getting all this push. (Haha, shame on me)

  • Soulshroude

    Who blind sided who? Just another gold digging crone in the end. At least Cena has a prenup…

  • Logan

    Damn, sorry to hear about that man. Being on the road for the majority of the year and away from your loved ones must be hard. One of the reason I’m afraid of trying to be a pro-wrestler. Despite his success Cena still seems to be very humble, maybe he wife let their (well…his) wealth go to her head. Good luck dude.

  • Jason

    Here it comes, Cena loses half of his money and fame. Sad to see this happen

  • Tom

    I’ll actually agree with that. I have no problems if he is though.

    To be honest, id admire wwe and cena if he openly announced it. How great would that be? Plus people who probably finally cheer and show respect for cena.

    Well. Some people anyway…

  • Mark

    Im sorry to hear this about cena , Hes a nice guy. Hope they can sort it out amicably. Hope is wife doesnt turn out to be greedy and just get whats shes entitled to under the law. Maybe Cena should take some time off .

  • this is when it all comes out….Cena is gay.