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John Cena Furthers Affair Storyline, Kelly Kelly’s Prices Reduced, Kenn Doane Update

– On Twitter Thursday, John Cena responded to Vickie Guerrero’s allegations that he had an affair with AJ Lee, which led to the diminutive Diva stepping down from her post as Raw General Manager by the WWE Board of Directors on Monday.

“Ok @ExcuseMeWWE not gonna go back and forth so ill leave it with this.. U got proof of an ‘affair’ with @WWEAJLee and I, show @wwe,” Cena wrote in response to Guerrero stating the day prior that his “actions” with Lee are “interesting” to her. “Just truly think its sad that @WWEAJLee lost her job because of ‘allegations’ that is a bigtime blunder by @wwe #BringBackAJ.”

In response, Guerrero said she will have proof this Monday on Raw. She wrote to Cena, “Ask and you shall receive…tune into RAW this Monday as I have the “evidence” #CougarInCharge.”

– Northeast Wrestling has announced that prices for former WWE performer Barbie “Kelly Kelly” Blank’s autographs and photo-ops at her appearances on Saturday, November 3 at the Galleria at Crystal Run in Middletown, New York, and Sunday, November 4 at Buffalo Wild Wings in Waterbury, Connecticut have been reduced.

Autographs and photo-ops are now $30 each, or save $10 by purchasing a combo for $50. Additional autographs and photo-ops are available for $25 that day. Those who have already pre-ordered the items will be refunded the difference. (Event Details)

– Kenn Doane, formerly known as Kenny and Kenny Dykstra in WWE, is now playing football at Nichols College after not playing since high school. Though listed as a tight end on the school’s official website, he primarily plays defense on a limited basis. Through eight games into the season, he has eight solo tackles and five assisted tackles.

  • beautiful gal

    the reason why the wwe universe booed vickie guerero so much is one they hate her two the wwe universe wish that she would just go away and disappear and three the wwe universe as well as the fans at home and the wwe superstars are on to vickie guerrero and know her for the phony manipulitive liar that she is as everyone should know from watching monday night raw this week, the job she got is temporary and not permanent and shes not general manager or interim manager but that she is temporary filling in for who ever will step in to become the new and the real general manager of monday night raw when that time does come. I just know Vickie Guerrero lied about john cena and aj having a affair so that lie can cost aj her job as gm and through her lies vickie guerrero can get the job of managing raw supervisor
    it is great she is not at ringside screaming wwe spliting up dolph ziggler and vickie guerrero was the best thing they did im sure dolph ziggler was tired of her too like everyone else, now all they have to do is fire vickie guerrero as raw managing supervisor rumor i heard is ric flair is supposed to get the job of being general manager of raw and vickie guerrero gets fired from her current job of authority

  • Tombstone

    Not really sure about this whole beautiful gal poster here, sounds a little to made up. But whoever it is I have to give them credit for one thing, Thinking like the storylines are real is what actually makes wrestling fun.

    @beautiful gal
    You are right. You are entitled to your opinion, but everyone else is also entitled to have an opinion about your opinion.

  • Tombstone

    @My Morning Jacket
    You cant even afford the photo op. So why do you care?

  • Jerk Factor

    beautiful gal, now please tell us your opinion on Kelly Kelly’s prices being reduced, we really want to know.

  • My Morning Jacket

    Kelly Kelly’s Prices Reduced……lol Photo-ops and autographs did not come to mind.


    too long ; didnt read

  • beautiful gal

    xxx i am beautiful gal you dontknow me and i dont know you, you must have me mixed up with somebody else sorry to disappoint you
    im new to this chat just started chatting on the message board today or yesterday. I have not been chatting on here very long, so you must have me mixed up with someone else, I dont know you and you dont know me, as for Vickie Guerrero she needs to get off her ass and start making a real living and a income of her own and stop living off the wwe and the wwe’s money. you all dont have to like my opinions but they are right you all know it, please im new here and I dont know anyone and I dont want to be bothered or insulted by any of you. Who ever that pool girl is gorgeous girl that you are insulting and making fun of i really sorry for her you know if you give people like her a chance you might find out what a nice person she really is something for you all to think about, it is never good to judge or insult people that you dont even know, again im new here so please do not bother me or insult me like you did to gorgeous girl because how your treating her is bullying over the internet and people go to jail for that something for you all to think about, also whether you like or hate my opinions on here like it or not i have the right to express my opinions

  • beautiful gal

    xxx i am beautiful gal you dont know me and i dont know you you must have me mixed up with somebody else, sorry to disappoint you
    im new to this chat just started chatting on the message board today or yesterday, have not been chatting on here very long, so you must have me mixed up with someone else, i dont know you and you dont know me, as for vickie guerrero she needs to get off her fat ass and make an income of her own instead of living off the tax payers monday

  • marcum

    @ David “Ranter”
    Not to mention that vickie gurrero gets the most heat out of any superster or diva on the entire WWE roster. you could barley hear her talk when she came out to accept the job monday.

  • xXx

    i bet beautiful gal is gorgeous george..

  • David “Ranter”

    @Beautiful Gal

    Its storyline. She needed the money and you know that if WWE offered you the money to do it then you would to and that’s that. Also the contract from what I understand that Eddie had didn’t go straight to them unless I’m wrong. I might be wrong but originally years ago last I heard vickie had to come work for WWE to get the money after Eddie died cuz they wouldn’t just give them the money. Then afterwards Vickie decided to just stay and why not? She’s having fun traveling places for free and getting rich off all you “haters”.

  • David “Ranter”


    Yes it does make sense as its WWE and they don’t have to make sense at all anymore. But they are doing it because of the fact that its a contradiction. Also did it to poke fun at the recent John Cena “behind the scenes” crap. It got Cena away from just messing with Punk for however long this drags out, it removed AJ as GM and it got Vickie away from Dolph Ziggler before he cashes in his MITB.

  • beautiful gal

    sorry to everyone in the chat not trying to be disresptful but getting all this off my chest after all i as well as everyone else in here has a right to their own opinions here have a good day every one

  • beautiful gal

    oh and one more thing who is Vickie Guerrero to talk about having affairs in the wwe ( storyline affairs) she is the one who fraternized with the wwe superstars during her run as gm (which makes it wrong for her to be managing supervisor of monday night raw
    edge, big show, eric escobar, dolph ziggler jack swagger (she is the slut of wwe and she is not a cougar she is 44 a old washed up has been) edge is dating beth phoenix, big show is married eric escobar is married with children, dolph ziggler has a girlfriend in real life jack swagger is married and has a child in real life all who would have nothing to do with vickie guerrero now
    vickie guerrero is so pathetic
    i support aj lee and john cena and anyone else in the wwe that Vickie guerrero make life a living hell for

  • beautiful gal

    i am not trying to sound out of line or disrespectful by what I am about to say but Vickie Guerrero is one heartless manipulative cold hearted bitch and what goes around will come around and it will catch up to vickie, she is a liar she lied to get the job and made up the whole thing about aj lee and john cena having an affair so she can have the job of running monday night raw though on temporary basis and cost aj lee her job as gm of raw what the hell is the board of directors even thinking

  • Soulshroude

    The storyline is a contradiction. Edge was with Vickie during her time as G.M.. So this storyline makes no sense.

  • ChrisDV

    Genuinely surprised that the Ken Doane update wasn’t him bitching about John Cena’s private life, or making cracks about how the John Cena/affair storyline allows him to show his real personality on-screen.

  • xXx

    did they lower the price cuz she’s brunette now?