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John Cena Heel Turn Moves Further Away, Randy Orton Wants to Recapture WWE Gold

– It appears that the John Cena heel turn most people are hoping for is further away than ever. A deal has just been signed with K-Mark to market “Never Give Up” John Cena merchandise for children and they will go on sale in stores this fall. “I am excited to announce WWE’s relationship with Kmart and bring the Never Give Up by John Cena collection to all of our young fans,” said Cena. “For the first time ever, young shoppers will be able to go to Kmart and find a new line of apparel that expresses my lifestyle and my never give up attitude.”

– In an interview with Randy Orton says that is he ready to recapture WWE gold once more…

“I will be working on getting some gold around my waist because it has been too long,”

He also commented on the grueling WWE schedule…

“What I try to do is every couple of months take a weekend off. Sometimes time will just fly be and before you know, you haven’t had a day off or a good night sleep in a long time. Your body needs that; your mind needs that. When you have a family, you need to find a week here and there throughout the year when you just hang up the boots, be a dad, be a husband, and not be traveling the world and just ‘WWE Superstar.'”

  • Bawb

    “Never give up attitude.” And who says cliches with John Cena don’t exist?

  • Will Henderson

    truth is, Cena’s a permanent face in WWE management and his eyes, but he’s really a tweener who is more face like and it makes the face more sympathetic to the heels. recently, Cena kinda buried a then-future world heavyweight champion and future diva champion by making it rain shit on them and then beat said future World Heavyweight Champion and turned him into a major loser for months on it. yes, i’m talking about Dolph Ziggler and AJ Lee. they were making a huge rise in 2012 and Cena had to bury them in one night on new years eve (actually Dec 27, 2012) to help wipe the slate clean and start his “Championship push” while the Ziggler/AJ push was put on hold until after WM 29. i can’t remember who else Cena buried in the last 7 years.