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John Cena Hurt on Raw, Advertised TLC PPV Match

– Local advertisements in the New York area were promoting John Cena vs. Dolph Ziggler and CM Punk vs. Ryback for WWE TLC.

– John Cena hurt his ankle on tonight’s episode of Raw after he landed on it awkwardly when chasing Dolph Ziggler to the back. Cena got his foot caught when leaving the ring which resulted in him landing badly on the outside. Cena limped his way to the back afterwards.

WWE acknowledged the injury with a trainer backstage saying he thinks Cena “might have a torn meniscus” as he wrapped it.

  • Pat

    wow you know about taping up dogs paws so it can fuck ya? have experience with this you do? kinky little man, seems i struck a nerve there….
    and no he’s not my idol, i would have to say that goes to the undertaker 🙂

  • Apacaveli

    it looks like cena reinjured himself.well looks like cena needs surgery and wont be back til next years wwe royal rumble.

  • Mark

    Im not a Cena fan, but to say these things about him dying or life threatening injuries is way too far. Cant this website stop these sort of stupid comments

  • Moe

    Ryback can’t go more than 10 minutes in a match. Their next match will be a farce! 10 minutes no more $49.95 thanks for coming out! CENA CAN’T WRESTLE!

  • Tha don

    Yea sym grow up

  • Warriors Armpit

    @SYM Tape up your dogs paws etc… you are one sick fuck!!!

  • SYM

    I’m not SYM, Pat is a little boy that just learned how to play with himself, he learned while watching his idol Cena.

    I’m not Me, i just agree with him, if you don’t like it, go cut yourself faggot, or go tape up your dogs front paws and get it to fuck you some more…@ all Cena fags.

  • Tombstone

    @Pat—-I think you hit the nail on the head.

    @Me——-How original, Bet it took you about an hour to think up that snappy comeback.

  • Pat

    ok i get it, bigDEVOfan sym and me are all the same person, or at least related somehow, they all have the same mentality its scary….

  • SYM

    Agree with me, I hope cena dies from the super aids aj give him

  • Boy

    @tim I believe his meniscus is not 100%. Sure is ankle got rolled but I’ve hurt my meniscus in a similar fashion. I see your point cause a sprained ankle is too wussy but that is the least of their worries. Cena may miss the rumble.

  • Cboz78

    FAKE INJURY! Storyline!

  • Me

    Go suck a dick tombstone, you cena fag.

  • Tim

    They’ll play it off as a torn meniscus, when it was probably just a sprained ankle. This way, they can do their usual Super Cena routine of him “returning to action months early.” Happens every time. Be prepared for weeks of promos on his return to action.

  • Turn Off The Dark

    Wow @Me Way to take wrestling wayyy to seriously. That’s just a sick thing to say, period. Even if it was meant as a joke. Jesus…People nowadays.

  • Jimbo

    The only thing I hate about Ryback in the main event again is that WWE is falling into a pattern. The match is taking place at TLC? Oh gee, I wonder if the NXT guys will get involved. It’s just dumb booking.

  • Butters

    I always thought Cena would get hurt while running. The way he always waddles to the ring is funny.

  • Razo Power

    Well said @Tombstone

  • Tombstone

    @Me, That was one sorry ass comment. Why in the hell would you wish something like that? You are one major DUMBASS!

  • Why do they keep putting ryback in wwe title match if he is not going to win or if he does at tlc lose it right back to punk before rumble. It would be pointless. He should just win the title at wrestlemania by beating punk or cena and have a great reign from then on out.

  • Dr Sampson

    It’s a work you silly “smarks”.

  • Me

    We can only hope it’s life threatening. Or at the very least career ending.