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John Cena Hypes AJ and Daniel Bryan’s Wedding, X-Pac’s Favorite Raw Moments

– John Cena played up AJ and Daniel Bryan’s wedding on Monday’s Raw SuperShow by saying he would come visit the diminutive Diva on her final day as a bachelorette.

“Stay put @WWEAJLee ill be there in 10min. May i recommend #50shadesofJohn its an exciting read,” he wrote Sunday. “By the way, i stole Tensai’s idea and got u guys a sweet #1cupkeurig as a gift.. Sorry to spoil it, just want u to know its from me.”

AJ played up the wedding as well, tweeting Sunday, “One last day to sew my wild oats as a single woman. So if you need me, I’ll be quietly reading a book at a Barnes and Noble Starbucks.”

On the other hand, Daniel Bryan has not played up the wedding. In his last tweet, posted on Wednesday, he posted a photo of himself with former WWE Diva Brie Bella at Opening Day for the Del Mar Horse Races. Brie and Daniel are dating in real-life.

– Sean Waltman, who made his name on Raw when he upset Razor Ramon on a 1993 episode as 1-2-3 Kid, stated on Twitter that it is his favorite moment on the program. His second favorite moment is when he returned to WWE the night after WrestleMania XIV as X-Pac and ‘shot’ on former WCW colleagues Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan. His No. 3 moment is when D-Generation X invaded WCW.

– Al Perez turns 52 years old Monday while Perro Aguayo, Jr. turns 33.

  • Dave

    Doubt we’ll ever see the American Badass again. Taker has said that he wasn’t a big fan of that gimmick. So I think we can safely say that we will never see him reprise that role again.

  • SYM

    My Favorite RAW moment is when Triple H & DX were beating on the Rock then Taker returned to American Bad Ass.

  • False Idol

    Right, so Cena has a reptuation and he’s talking about a ‘visit’ from John? So true @undertaker!

  • Generic Troll

    @Undertaker, funniest comment I have ever seen, but can I ask in general to all, why does Cena have to be part of EVERY storyline.. he hasn’t had a single part in the AJ storyline, does he need to come try take some of the spotlight for the guys who have worked that angle for months in Bryan AJ Punk and to an extent Kane?

  • Hey Yo

    I Hope Razor Ramon/Scott Hall comes out!

  • Jake

    Wtf is wrong with ^ that guy

  • misfit del rio

    My fav moment was when Jericho debuted in 99. I was 14 and this is before we had websites like this. I marked the fuck out, been a fan of his since 96! My old man told me to relax.. Epic.

  • Undertaker

    AJ screams cum on me.

  • The Awesome One

    My fav raw moment was when the ministry of darkness started up that was intense

  • SlutFace

    We all know Kane will interfere and f**k up this wedding :/ yaay