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John Cena Involved In Car Accident In Philadelphia reports that John Cena was involved in an automobile accident early today while on a media appearance in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area. There are no injuries reported at this time. The SUV the Raw Superstar was traveling in was rear ended by a tractor trailer. Police arrived to the scene and no immediate injuries were reported.

He will meet with WWE medical personnel when he arrives at Philadelphia’s Wells Fargo Center for tonight’s Raw SuperShow event.

In less than two weeks, Cena will face The Rock at WrestleMania XXVIII. WWE says “the effect this accident will have on the Cenation leader remains to be seen.”

  • soulshroude

    The only thing that was crushed was Cena’s ego after he realized that the tractor-trailer was only going 10 miles an hour.

  • TPG

    haha heyfit stole that line of another site

  • jigsaw

    love or hate the charecter but john cena is a human being & a car accident be it minor or major is a terrible thing i hope john isnt hurt in the accident

  • Matt

    this is definitley not a work iv’e seen the photos and TMZ its real but wwe could use it as a storyline

  • Starship Pain

    Oh, Rikishi… you little fat trickster…

  • poko

    Get the defibrillator out, I think Vince’s heart just stopped.

  • Bill

    This happened to a relative of mine, & although she was alright at first, she later felt a ton of back pain & had to see a chiropractor for nearly a year. Cena’s a pro-wrestler, so maybe it won’t be as bad for him.

  • The Great One.

    Its not a work.

    It was me. I hate the fucking cunt.

  • Raziel

    He did it for Team Bring It.

  • JustanotherFickleHypocriteWWEfan

    the wwe fuck with fans with soo much shit even when you hear of accidents we assume its work lolll pics or didnt happen.

  • Kyle

    The smartest thing ive seen heyfit say in a LONG LONG LONG time

  • Rocky sucks

    The rock should e punished for this terrible act

  • Jeff

    It was the rock

  • bb

    The Rock did set-up on cena. LoL

  • Rikishi Strikes Again ! LOL

  • Will Henderson

    Hulk Hogan voice: it’s a work, brother.

    it’s only reporting it and i don’t see photos of the wreck yet, so i’m going with work.

  • Ryan

    its a work to hold off any physical contact till next weeks raw!

  • Omar

    “There are no injuries reported at this time” Aaaawwwwwww.

  • Hasan

    This sounds fishy for some reason!

  • heyfit

    Rikishi did it for the Rock.
    He did it for the people.

    Jimmy & Jey must be proud of their dad.