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John Cena and Jim Ross Comment on Injury Reports

– John Cena tweeted the following about his injury on Sunday:

“Finally home from a great European tour. I’m banged up, but I’m not going to miss Monday Night #Raw.”

– Jim Ross published a new blog at and mentioned Cena had been hurting for days:

“ reporting that WWE Champion John Cena has sustained an injury while on the European Tour. The report states that Cena has issues with his right, Achilles tendon which can be a dicey matter. Achilles injuries can be puzzling especially if they aren’t torn and don’t require surgery. In other words these types of injuries can linger if one doesn’t get the proper rest and allow the tendon to heal. The injury is legit as Cena has been suffering through this matter for several days even though he hasn’t missed any bookings. Always said the man has the work ethic and toughness of an offensive lineman which is a good thing.”

  • ddfindl

    What’s it like to be an edgy teenager with a kid? lol jk, have fun.

  • I have tickets for tonight’s Raw… Was hoping that I would be one of the lucky ones to not have to see Cena tonight. On the other hand… my Son will be excited I guess.