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John Cena & Kane Brawl At Press Conference, Former Diva Offers Dating Advice

— A press conference Thursday to kick off WWE’s first-ever live event tour in Abu Dhabi “turned chaotic” when Kane attacked John Cena, according to Cena, however, put The Big Red Monster through a table in front of members of the media.

Video and photos of the incident are available here.

— Shelly Martinez appears in The Social Rules, a new web series about the do’s and dont’s of dating and relating. In her latest video, she offers advice on Valentine’s Day.


— In today’s birthdays, Shelly Martinez turns 32 years old while Madusa turns 49.

  • venom

    I can’t wait to get Twisted Metal as my Valentine’s Day present.


    That’s why this is a bad time to do this Cena/Kane feud. Do they want to make Kane look weak after returning or do they want Cena to lose before his Wrestlemania match? I think that’s why they are having an ambulance match. This way the loser won’t look so bad.

  • CC

    @the real wrestling god, still doesnt explain why he has to consistantly rally back and make Kane seem just like a normal guy rather than a monster.

    Attacking friends and family to make him hate does make a degree of sense, but making him continue to be invulnerable to injury does nothing but make everyone else look weak.
    I mean, even with winning the match last year, Undertaker was carried out of the arena. That then gives him motivation to seek revenge.
    Cena though, unless he suffers a real injury, refuses to sell finishers or hardcore style impacts beyond stumbling around for a few seconds then Hulking up.

    When was the last time Cena wore a bandage to indicate damaged ribs, arm or leg etc? One of the things that has made fans identify with guys like Punk, Edge, Christian, Jericho etc, is that they come across as normal humans who can suffer injured ribs, and then continue to fight on like as an underdog.

    Orton is another one like Cena. Seems to out and out refuse to sell for people. Would it have hurt them to keep him off tv longer, to help get Barrett over as a man who injured Orton? Instead we just get match after match of Orton beating Barrett.

  • Little Jimmy

    Cena is like a cartoonish sci-fi character no matter how bad he’s hurt he’ll still get up, I’m expecting him to turn into the T2 next also turning into liquid and morphing into the whole rosters body. I’m sure every title belt in the WWE Vince wants Cena to have it. Soon Punk, Bryan,Swagger,Rhodes, Epico, Primo & Beth will all morph into Cena.

  • Jason

    Worst feud in pro wrestling today via Cena vs. Kane. Almost as bad as Dvon vs. the Pope angle.

  • the real wrestling god

    Because the point of the feud is for Kane to turn Cena into a monster. It’s dumb but that’s what it is. This feud isn’t about Kane it’s about trying to turn Ceana.

  • CC

    Here WWE has had a chance to really push Kane as a monster once again, and here we go with Super Cena all over again.
    Why the fuck can they not let him take a beating that incapacitates him every now and again? Even the likes of Austin, The Rock and Undertaker would be incapacitated from time to time.
    The problem with WWE is that they seem to think that crippling Ryder will make up for it.

  • joe

    i second that @theMark lol

  • Hunter

    Bet it didn’t beat Domino’s press conference with Great Power Uti, ha!

  • theMark

    Man i’d love to ram the Sh*t outta Shelly Martinez!!