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John Cena Says He Won’t Ever Quit On WWE, WWE Return To Delaware, Tomko

— John Cena reveals why he is so passionate about being a part of WWE in this “Once in a Lifetime: The Rock vs. John Cena” preview video.


— WWE will hold a SmackDown live event at Bob Carpenter Center at the University of Delaware in Newark, Delaware on May 12, 2012. Bell time is 7:30 p.m.

— Former WWE talent Travis Tomko turns 36 years on Friday. A jury trial for his arrest last October in St. Augustine, Florida on a felony robbery charge is scheduled for May.

— Bret Hart and Jillian Hall appear at The Wrestling Universe 34-29 Francis Lewis Blvd. Flushing, New York on May 5 from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

  • fivo goes west

    @Jehova Don

    jericho just uses wrestling to sell whatever crap hes coming out with next. the guys a joke. jericho could give a rats ass about wrestling or its fans and hes just lookin to line his pockets with cash. yea good for him for wanting to make a buck but come on open your freakin eyes or pull your head outta your ass already jericho only comes back to make whatever stupid ass marks he can get to give up their cash and then hes gone again…………………………..dumbass

  • ashley

    ok he wont quit get reall of course he will hes the biggest tool in the shed i hate the gimik the move the attire the attitude he stinks

  • Jehova Don

    @ fivo goes west.
    Jericho a sellout? really? you guys just look possesive now like you have control over what these people do with their lives. For one, Fozzy was created in 1999, back when Jericho was in WCW or just beginning his WWE run. And it also documented in his books that he was a little rockstar as a youth aswell. So a man has two dreams and does both of them and all of a sudden hes a sellout? Its not like hes not one of the top guys atm.. yano.. every live event.. every week.. and yeah maybe he will leave in a few months for a while to record a new album with HIS band.. but who gives a shit? its his life and he has control over his dreams and aspirations. I don’t see you lot saying Miz is a sellout for leaving reality tv for wwe.. or big show from being a college basketball player to wcw star.. idiot

  • poko

    You know, I’ve had nothing against Cena, for the most part. I’ve never particularly liked him, but I haven’t hated him, either. I’ve just never been a fan of the superhero, “take you vitamins” style of face. Not even as a kid.

    However, I’m slowly starting to hate the Cena character. Why? It actually has nothing to do with Cena himself. It’s more because so many of his fans are so incredibly vicious and enraged. Say you dislike Cena and you get this storm of angry, venomous run-on sentences attacking you for your OPINION. Right now, Cena’s worst enemies are the mouth-breathers who make his fanbase look like a bunch of pubescent, hormonally-overdosed children.

    The amusing part of it is that they call other people “marks” while talking about how great of a guy Cena is, and how loyal, and how he has angel wings and a halo. John Cena, the man, might very well be a good guy, but most of that material is part of a massive media push by the WWE about John Cena, THE CHARACTER. They’ve run so many promos about Cena’s integrity and work ethic that REAL “marks” have taken it to be gospel. Guess what? MOST of the people in the WWE work their ass off, not just John Cena; just because the WWE doesn’t run video packages about them, doesn’t mean it’s not true. Really, from my perspective, it looks like the Miz works the hardest outside the ring, and CM Punk takes more big bumps than any top level face I’ve seen since AJ Styles.

    OK, rant over. Normal, intelligent Cena fans, this wasn’t directed at you. Angry and irrational Cena Defense Force members? Bring your worse, but try to remember to use a period now and then.

  • Little Jimmy

    Cena’s Without a doubt one of the Best in his Era, However I watch a Cena promo or a Cena match I have a good feeling however he can get tedious sometimes. On the other hand I watch a complilation of matches and promo’s by The Rock and I feel electrified. The Same goes for Austin V CM Punk. Those two Attitude Era guys plain and simply cannot be beat.

  • Phill

    John was obsessed with bodybuilding, like he is now with WWE. While he was living in Venice beach. Former wrester, now powerlifter (Smelly Mark Bell) saw Cena and told him he had the look for wrestling. Cena’s bodybuilding career was just starting to get moving, but he most likely saw more money in wrestling. If he was ever called in for an ACTUAL movie. He would quit wrestling just like The Rock did and pursue a career in film

  • Ender011

    It’s funny how people call the Cena supporters “marks”, when they are they marks themselves for hating him. Granted he is over used and over pushed, but this guy clearly loves this business as much as each of you “fans” do.

    I’m not anti anyone, just enjoy it for what it is, Cena is a really good guy in real life so get off his jock.

  • LSC

    You haters make me laugh and Rock asskissers, thumb me down if you must, but you idiots say he has no acting skills. So he is a shit promoer? If so, why is he main event status? For that you need GOOD PROMO SKILLS and GOOD WRESTLING SKILLS. It’s not about who brings in more money because Zack Ryder is brining in more money than guys above him and he is stuck in lowish mid-carder.

    You fans make me laugh. You want to trash Cena in every form as possible. Yes I am a Cena fan, I have balls to admit that. I don’t hop onto the Rock bandwagon. And you fans saying that Cena will leave WWE one day for acting because of injuries like Edge….Oh Cena can accurately predict the future. I bet he knew Edge was going to retire a year earlier. Can you see, Cena says outside WWE, that he loves WWE. Oh but you prefer someone who will abandon you for another three years but then complain about them. The human race sickens me, hypocritical and loving to contradict themselves. Go ahead, bash me. You are only human

  • poko

    The WWE is a business. It’s a for-profit corporation. The idea of “being loyal to” or “selling out on” a corporate entity is hilarious. John Cena, or any other wrestler, could and would be let go tomorrow if they lost their ability to generate profit. Businesses let go of loyal employees all the time, and the WWE is no different.

    It’s fine with me if the really does feel that way, which I doubt, as the WWE plugs Cena’s loyalty and work ethic relentlessly as part of the “John Cena” character, but it would be incredibly naive for a grown man to think like that. If the WWE hit serious financial difficulties tomorrow, and a new organization backed by a billion dollar corporation popped up with better pay and benefits, John Cena would probably jump ship as fast as anyone else–and I wouldn’t blame him one bit. Corporations are not loyal to their employees, so why should employees be loyal to corporations?

  • MW

    Not sure about others… but the whole “quiting on WWE” is getting a tad… annoying.

  • fivo goes west


    hey dipshit i didnt say anything about rock. personaly i think the rock is a sellout. but not as big of one as jericho. back to cena though. he could have talent in the ring but like i said hes just coasting now. im sorry dude but cena is no actor and if you think he is you need to pull that dick out your mouth cause the dude your blowin is blockin your vision.

  • Moo

    Wow cent is such a www mark, it would be sad if Vince ever fucked him over, I wouldn’t put it past him.

  • JohnCena33

    If Rock could get a million for suckin one he would do it. 🙂

  • JohnCena33

    Really, @Monty and @fivogoeswest
    You guys are probably jealous *itches.
    Really, Cena has talent and if he stared in movies, those movies would do better than the Rock’s. By the way, Rock only does movies so he doesn’t have to make excuses to wear a tutu.
    Rock is a quitter, and by the way if you losers would do research Cena began in development wrestling in 2000, and did bodybuilding as a hobby, not an actual carrer.

  • b c Mitchell

    I know its mean. But I hope both Cena and Rock will collapse under the weight of their massive egos and be revealed as a couple of douches.

  • b c Mitchell

    I applaud Cenas loyalty. He’s spoken many times about how its been his childhood dream to be a wrestler. To the many of those who dog his in ring skill. While they may be limited fact is it got him over. You don’t need to be Bret Hart to become popular as a wrestler just have to have character. Plus how many 5 star matches have any of you been in? Just as many as you think Cena has. Zero. Plus Rock earned the right to go do the Hollywood thing and come and go as he sees fit. I just wish he’d wipe that smug fuckin look of his face. I was an Austin guy back in the day so I still think Rock should “die Rocky die”.

  • Best in the world

    Lol @ all the haters.

    Good to hear Cena’s actually loyal, since god knows Rocky boy ain’t stickin’ around for too long. 😛

  • Little Jimmy

    Even when Cena’s 70 He’ll still be wearing a gearish colourful shirt ,a chain, armbands and will still win the WWE title 5 times a year. But “You can’t see me” will be tweaked slightly into ” I can’t see you”

  • fivogoeswest

    @ monty

    Lol you beat us all to it. The reason cena won’t quit is cause he has no other options. The only thing he does have is wrestling and now he’s even only mediocre at that. He’s just coasting off the fame he’s already built.

  • dave

    Cena quit on bodybuilding. lets say the Rock had thought back in 2003 “ill give wrestling 5 more years and then ill try to make it in hollywood”. well guess what had he done that the door would have been closed at the potential to make the 100s of millions of dollars would have passed. what dp we expect the Rock be, an idiot? all the while knowing he could walk back into WWE anytime until hes 45, a place where he had already achieved anything and would have become stale, nevermind gotten INJURED. Cena is being dishonest

  • Monty

    Cena wont quit WWE………Because he hasnt got musical talent like Jericho or acting talent like the Rock