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John Cena & Randy Orton Pay Tribute To Edge Following Raw

After Raw went off the air, Randy Orton gave the RKO to Alex Riley. John Cena then gave the Attitude Adjustment to The Miz.

Both Cena and Orton paid their respects to Edge, who announced earlier in the show that he would never compete again due to a serious spinal condition. Cena referred to him by his real name, Adam Copeland. Cena recalled Edge winning the WWE Championship from him in the Elimination Chamber and that people thought he would never amount to more than a tag team champion.

Cena mentioned that when Edge said he was leaving due to medical reasons, he wasn’t joking. Cena asked for one more send-off from the audience so Edge could hear them backstage.

Cena placed the microphone in the center of the ring and the crowd gave Edge a standing ovation. Both Cena and Orton left the ringside area to conclude the event.

source: Pro Wrestling Torch


    @keylo – You know that’s just what’s going to happen!! Del Rio is going to come out and ruin the show!! Hell, he’ll probably take credit for retiring Edge!!!

  • keylo

    WB, I think it has more to do with fear of top stars missing Mania due too an injury than just new stories starting after it.
    As for Edge damn shame that as whether heel of face he had the pull of the crowd and was one of the top stars in WWE, just hope they dont spoil his sent off on SD with the Mexican gardener coming out when Edge is handing over the title.

  • WB

    That’s because Mania is over. They can’t go on forever with 11 mins of wrestling in 2+ hours of a show. Hell, they had 4 hours at Mania and bogged it down with crap. But, like every year, Mania ends and the shows start to get packed with more wrestling. Why? Because those Mania feuds should be over and new things need to be started. Also, they hold on to the best “stories” for Mania and the rest of the year we get their thrown together crap.

  • Jason

    Cant wait to see the report from “Stan” on how many minutes of actual wrestling there was … yes that’s sarcasm but I do agree there seemed like alot of actual action tonight.

  • Devil_Rising

    PS Is it just me, or did they actually have a LOT of wrestling tonight, compared to usual? Seems to me, maybe someone is a bit concerned on making up for the complete LACK of wrestling that’s been on Raw for a long while now.

  • Devil_Rising

    Hey, at least they’re finally giving R-Truth a real push. He’s always been a main event level quality guy, but they’ve always used him as just a mid-carder. He was a big deal in TNA, back when they were good…that is, until they started bringing in more and more WWE castoffs and old WCW talents, and forgot about him, which is why he ultimately left.

    Ron Killings is badass, and he deserves to be WWE Champion someday, if you ask me. Sure, you could say that about a lot of guys, like Morrison, like Christian, even many that have come and gone over the years, like Carlito, MVP, Kennedy, Helms, Tazz, Rhyno, Raven, etc…..

    But I hope him being in this title match isn’t just a one time deal. In fact, even though I figure it won’t happen, it would be a wonderful swerve if they put the belt on him.

  • Truthiness


    It was supposed to be five separate matches, how was that not clear?

  • Stephen

    I Was there live at raw tonight and I deffentley got my money’s worth sat in a private suit number 408 and it was awesome unlike miz great night crowd was loud and Proud all night long lots of good matches two and people saying that it felt like 5 separate matches is cause that what a gauntlet matches are but I give it an 9 and cent speech was great orton Shooke some hands on the way out that was it.

    Biggest pops
    Edges speech
    Sin cara
    Orton all night
    R truth
    Jerry the king lawler and good ol jr

    Biggest boooos
    Cole and jack swagger
    Miz and Alexs Riley

    Miz and Alexs Riley

  • TG

    Cena is a class act as a professional and humanitarian now I wish his wrestling ability was the same and he got ride of the rainbow shirts.

  • M.C.

    That was nice of cena, but I think that Edge’s announcement should’ve ended raw. That 5 man match seemed like 5 singles matches to me