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John Cena Nowhere To Be Found At Raw, Billy Gunn Meets Dolph Ziggler, More

— The official Twitter feed of the WWE Insider says John Cena is nowhere to be found at tonight’s Raw SuperShow in Miami, Florida.

The account stated Monday evening, “We haven’t heard from @JohnCena since his loss to @TheRock at #WrestleMania, and he’s nowhere to be found at #Raw.”

— Former WWE Superstar Billy Gunn was backstage at WrestleMania XXVIII as he posted a photo online of himself with the WWE Superstar most often compared to him, Dolph Ziggler.

Gunn is very high on the “Show Off.” He said of the Raw wrestler last November in an interview: “I think he’s got great potential, and I think he’s one of there best talents WWE has. A little bit longer and he will be a big star, I think he is extremely talented.”

— Low Ki, formerly known as Kaval in WWE, will compete on an upcoming New Japan Pro Wrestling tour.

  • jigsaw

    honestly i fon’t get the people here i just don’t get them at all with all of their hatred towards cena & others but i’ll help you all out.

    heres a tip when a wrestler you don’t like is on your screen lift your remote & change the channel see it’s simple problem solved.

  • chronoxiong

    I like that picture. I’m sure Dolph will get much further in the company than Billy Gunn too.

  • kitkrock

    NO, we want Billy Gunn & Dolph Ziggler as
    World & WWE Champions!

  • Men on a Mission

    Billy Gunn vs. Dolph Ziggler

    MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!!!!

  • Logan

    Wow, from that pic Billy Gunn and Dolph Ziggler could pass off as father and son.

  • all american hero

    Ok ok I’m sorry John cena 33….. Maybe he just choke him self with one of those bright ass gay arm bands

  • all american hero

    Let them know JipC

  • JipC

    Fuck John cena and his 5 move no selling ass. Rock is a boss n is gonna take the title from punk. Rock can dissapear for 9 years n still be the shit. Biggest draw the company ha ever seen. Eat a dick u faggot ass cena lovers

  • JohnCena33


  • kitkrock

    Badd One Billy Gunn (PG era name) is a billion times better than Dolph Ziggler.

  • TS93

    whoops wrong tab my bad

  • TS93

    Santino wins in pretty good fashion but man what a famouser by ziggler

  • jigsaw

    @ w.cares mate dont feed the trolls if you let them starve they will die off.

  • all american hero

    @ W.cares ur mom will notice quick when I won’t be giving her this cock

  • Statix901

    The store must be out of tampons. His mangina is bleeding.

  • W.cares

    all american hero go back under your bridge like the rest of the trolls and proceed to take your own advice. Dont worry though on the bright side no-one will notice.

  • theMark

    Billy Gunn and Dolph finally met!!!

  • Ray

    Lesnar will probably end up having something to do with it. Mark my words.

  • Jimbo

    Let the (renewed again) Cena turning heel rumors begin (again).

  • easter_bunny

    No no no I got it he is just putting ice on his ass after that asswhipping the rock gave to him

  • Bill

    Ziggler met Billy Gunn? That’s aweome!

  • Flip

    I said it before and I’ll say it again Billy Gunn just likes Ziggler’s hair

  • wm29

    Or maybe he choked him self with one of those bright gay ass arm bands

  • eggtart

    When Brock comes back and announces that the era has not ended because he’s still around I’m going to scream like a little girl

  • easter_bunny

    Yea i second that now we see the young stars get push to the top

  • all american hero

    Good hopefully he took a overdose on pills or even try to hang him self