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John Cena References Chris Benoit On Twitter? – Says He’ll Never Forget Corpus

John Cena appeared to allude to the day Chris Benoit was found dead in a Twitter message prior to tonight’s Raw SuperShow at the American Bank Center in Corpus Christi, Texas.

“Home of Whataburger. An arena of celebration…and reflection. All cities are wonderful to WWE..but Corpus..I will never forget,” Cena wrote Monday.

On June 25, 2007, WWE canceled a three-hour-long live Raw show that was to have taken place in Corpus Christi, Texas after news broke that Benoit and his family were found dead in their home. Vince McMahon made the announcement before company employees that day at the arena; many of whom were coincidentally dressed for a scripted memorial for the Mr. McMahon character. WWE instead paid tribute to the life and career of Benoit with matches and segments from the Hard Knocks: The Chris Benoit Story video title and comments from wrestlers and announcers from Raw, SmackDown and ECW. It was not until the program was nearly over that reports surfaced that police were working under the belief that Benoit murdered his wife and son before killing himself.

  • joshoct1884

    this gave a a clue that wwe added him as a horseman of that year

  • Phil Collins

    No matter what we (as a whole) as fans will never be able to say yes he should be or no he shouldn’t be. It will always be a divided subject unless some clear evidence that absolves him arises. WWE will never induct him and if they ever were to decide to even try to put the idea out there WWE would be the subject of tremendous backlash from fans and sponsors(especially sponsors who will focus more on Benoit’s deeds and not his in ring achievements)ultimately forcing WWE to retract Benoit’s induction. It will be bad for business and that’s the reason why he will never be inducted.

  • KGM Da Master

    Benoit – Hall of Fame? WTF this is why wrestling is.considered entertainment instead of a sport. Their fans are so judgmental and slow. Yes, he should be inducted. Mentally, the WWE sees certain wrestlers experience problems and helps them through it. What happened to Benoit? I know everyone could not have thought he was ok…if so they are dead wrong. One more thing, last year, WWE inducted Drew Carey to the WRESTLING HALL OF FAME! Now I can see why Bruno Sammartino rejects being inducted. Pure entertainment!

  • Jason

    This is a very contraversal subject. Was Benoit a great wrestler? YES. Did by all records kill his wife and son? Yes. 100% sure about that? Can never be. Was he insane or sane? Again not 100% sure. The Hall of Fame is a huge honor to bestow on an iconic former wrestler. Stands for integrity, hard work and perserverance. Did Benoit do this while during his career? YES. Do I feel that he should or should not be inducted? I am not sure. What I do think is that something, somehow should be addressed on internation television stating the fact that this matter needs to be put to peace and rest for the memories of all involved. Unfortunately not to have Chris Benoit inducted due to the incident at hand but in the hearts of “wrestling fans” they will not be forgotten, but that no further discussions will be. There are many others that need to be inducted that deserve their spot.

  • Monty

    In addition to my previous post, what would happen to a wrestler who is already in the hall of fame if they did what Benoit did after being inducted. I bet they wouldnt be removed from the hall of fame, because again, what they do outside the ring has nothing to do with their work.

  • GreasyRabbit75

    I would say a HOF induction would be a big stretch for me to advocate because it IS such a high-profile spot. I don’t think it would ever be a prudent decision. Conversely, however, I do not think that all traces of Benoit’s existence should be erased from WWE history. The man provided too many years of top-quality wrestling to just pretend like he didn’t exist. And as I have stated in another post, burying his existence doesn’t undo the tragedy that occurred. I think it is possible to enjoy the work that he left behind without condoning what he did, regardless of what the ultimate cause for his actions turned out to be.

  • Fred

    If WWE can induct Pete Rose, maybe MLB could return the favor.

  • Bawb

    For those who advocate for Benoit to be in the Hall of Fame: you’re all a bunch of morons. I say this with serious conviction. How the hell do you honor a murderer? Yes, he was a fantastic wrestler, possibly one of the greatest of all the time. I wouldn’t argue putting him on some written list in some magazine or forum for “Greatest Technical Wrestlers of All Time.” But the Hall of Fame exhibits character, honor, legacy, etc. How does one celebrate all of those aspects for a murderer? How would you even proceed with a ceremony inducting him and having to awkwardly trying to ignore what he did in the end? Would you cheer for him in the audience? I mean, seriously, what the fuck?

  • Monty

    What he did to his family has nothing to do with the hall of fame. The hall of fame is about wrestling, not whatever the person did outside the ring.Yes, what he did to his family was awful, however, it had nothing to do with his wrestling legacy.

  • Jimbo

    Yes road rage. If only his 7 year old had learned to drive properly and not anger his father.

  • Chung Li

    road rage..roid rage…

  • Nick

    Benoits brain was worked on, and cleary the results show he was not to blame for his actions, he adored his child, this story really needs to be buried and we should move on. WWE will and can not ever put Benoit into the Hall Of Fame because of his actions. People have said it was a road rage, and others said it wasnt and couldnt be because it happened over 3 days. First of all just because it happened over 3 days doesnt mean it wasnt road rage, it could have been road range when he killed Nancy, and tha relized he had done something wrong. He than knew he would be going to jail for the rest of his life, and maybe didnt want to leave his son to go to foster care killed him, and placed bibles next to the bodies so they could all be together in the end before committing sucide. He might have explained to his son what he was going to do before he killed him. The man adored his child, and had the brain of and 85 year old and it wasnt able to fuction because of all the hits he has took. What Im trying to say is we will NEVER know the real story. Just because the news says something doesnt make it true. Years ago on the news there was a story about a women who killed her 3 children and than shot herself, and 14 years later they found out she and her children had been followed and shot. Who knows, maybe 14 years from now another result might come out of it, but for now what Im trying to say is lets drop it and delete the story for World Wrestling Entertiment

  • Nicholas G

    They can’t put him in the Hall of Fame and I don’t believe they should. I hate to say that because he was one of the best. But when you do such a terrible thing like Benoit did it can never be erase. An WWE putting Benoit in the Hall of Fame will do more harm that good. Sorry there are just somethings that can’t be forgiven.

  • Steve

    Whataburger is way overpriced for the quality of taste.

  • Ron

    ^^^^^^^^ yum 🙂

  • VenomEX

    he will never forget the delicous whataburger he had in corpus that one night