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John Cena Wants Rematch with The Rock, Kelly Kelly Featured

– Kelly Kelly is featured in the “Superstar Spotlight” on

– John Cena was interviewed by Steven Muehlhausen of The Fight Club Chicago pro wrestling/MMA radio show at the Chicago Comic-Con last week. Cena was asked about the Rock’s return at The Royal Rumble to face whomever the WWE Champion is.

“I think about Wrestlemania every single day, whether is for the WWE Championship or not,” Cena admitted. “I would like another shot to face The Rock.”

  • Undertaker

    i prefer taker vs cena and rock vs punk.

  • SYM

    WWE needs to book The Rock vs Sakamoto with Amazing Red as Time Keeper and Referee.

  • scooter

    I meant to say I don’t think Cena should have lost but I’m guessing everybody got that.

  • straight-edge

    the thought of rock cena two would make the wm match a joke and it was a great match. the wm was once in a life time dont wwe know what that means if its once in a life time it sure as hell cant happen almost a year later

  • datruth

    A heel cena vs the rock would be awesome if they would ever allow it there’s still hope tho

  • 1919dpg

    the match was boring. it didn’t help much with cena reciting a monologue to the rock right infront of the camera.

  • scooter

    As much as I do not think Cena should have won that match because it makes the current generation as a whole look like they can’t compare to the last, he’s remained over so he doesn’t need the win. Give someone else the rub of beating the Rock.

  • SuperCena < Divorce Papers

    I thought it was “Once in a lifetime”

  • Both yal bitch ass niggas need to shut up. Cm punk has been champion for a long time so what if John Cena gets the title again. He is the work horse so why not they make him the head of the food chain because he is and he deserves it. Quit hating on Cena because that is not fair.

  • Undertaker

    cena sucks at being champion, while punk is even worst.

  • The Awesome One

    that pretty much says it, dont give the title to the golden boy punk is much better as champ.